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Hengda or Suning? FA Cup champion who gets free tickets waiting for you to take the FA Cup champion who gets in the trough of the country with a 0 foot 0 end the 12 season of the first half, Lippi did not go back, his first country foot does bring great changes, the fact that the Orangemen can cloud water travel kick attack, two frames, enough to make all thumbs up, but Lippi is not the Orangemen Savior, he also needs time. The end of their 2016 journey, but life goes on! 4 days later, Chinese football will usher in the end of the most exciting game, the Chinese Football Association Cup final in 2016! This season’s Super Champion Guangzhou Evergrande and Jiangsu Suning, will play in the two round of the fight, the final winner. The evening of November 20th at 19:35 in the 2016 season, the FA Cup final first leg will be staged in the Tianhe stadium, for the third consecutive season in the FA Cup final Suning team, defending their biggest target; for Hengda, want to win the double must be determined in the home court advantage. The two round of the FA Cup, will set off the last climax of Chinese football in 2016! So, how can you miss it? "Decent" APP for the majority of fans to get a free viewing benefits! As long as you are in the "decent" APP registration and login, that is likely to get the Guangzhou Hengda and Jiangsu Suning two round tickets, a total of 8 lucky fans will be watching free opportunities. Want to be a lucky fan? To pick up the mobile phone, Android mobile phone please in the application market search "decent", please install the application in App Store; Apple mobile phone search "decent", November 20th and November 27th, installation and application; the two round of the FA Cup final tickets is waiting for you!相关的主题文章: