Hebei a false credit swept away 500 more than 2000 villagers have been in existence for 11 years-ssdao

Hebei a false credit swept away 500 villagers more than 2000 has been in existence for 11 years in Yongan Zhang Fengmian Village Management Agency for the villagers Zhang Fengmian issued false false deposit certificate of Yongan village, more than and 500 villagers were swept away by the money recently, Hebei city of Gaocheng province Yongan Chang An Zhen village villagers found many years in rural credit agency save money only take wings to itself, the agency staff can not contact Zhang Fengmian. The local North building credit agency confirmed that the villagers in the hands of the deposit slip is false, not only the receipt is false, even Zhang Fengmian’s business credit agency is fake. The agency point as early as 2005 was canceled, but Zhang is still in the name of the rural credit cooperatives agency operating. Eventually more than 500 households in Yongan village of $about 20000000 deposit, disappeared. More than and 500 of the money was swept away by Yongan village Zhang Cunhui told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, November 3rd morning, several villagers at home because of things, to the village credit cooperative agency withdrawals. At that time, Zhang Fengmian still, she is the "agency" only "staff". Zhang Fengmian was to these requirements take money for villagers deposit slip and identity card, and promised second days will fetch the money. Soon after, however, Zhang was gone, the villagers can not contact her. Zhang Fengmian’s "agent" is the three houses in Yongan village, the door hung a rural credit cooperatives of Hebei province Yongan village self-service point "brand, brand listed above can apply for business services, including the handling of major banks access service, transfer service, national network, branch of endowment insurance, credit card, mobile Unicom fixed line telephone, electricity, finance and investment business etc.. Villagers Zhang Cunhui said that this agent point is by the 1980s credit station continues, about in 2008 or so took over by the Zhang Fengmian. Zhang Fengmian received the deposit, the villagers will issue a "Hebei Province Rural Credit Cooperatives deposit slip", it will display the account number, deposit amount, interest rate, interest and other information. Another villager Zhang Longsheng said: "all the time, the villagers all thought a Fengmian agent point is normal, because Zhang Fengmian not only for the villagers to access for business, but also for old-age insurance, food subsidies and so on business, so the villagers never doubted." Responsible for the collection of vouchers villagers Zhang Xiaoyang said, Yongan village in the village a total of more than and 600 households, preliminary statistics, more than and 500 households in a Fengmian at the deposit, the deposit amount in the village together in more than 20 million yuan. Zhang Xiaoyang said, the village has a lot of elderly pension money has a Fengmian there, "the village has two grandchildren, a more than and 60 year old man with all the orphans, a grandson of the marriageable age, recently anxious to use the money, the money now completely loose." The deposit slip is Yongan forged a number of villagers said, over the years, Zhang Fengmian is the name of the employee North building credit cooperatives operating the agency". BYD reporter linked to the North Building of credit cooperatives, the staff said that in November 2nd, Gaocheng Yongan village villagers hold the "slip" of rural credit cooperatives deposits in Hebei province to the north, ask their deposits in credit cooperatives. Results the business staff found that this plum相关的主题文章: