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Hardcover personalized forced Qirou of pottery production?? since 2016, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Shandong, Henan, Shanghai and other provinces have introduced the real estate project hardcover government documents, Sichuan 2025 new residential decoration requirements amounted to 70%; Zhejiang by the end of 2020 the new multi-storey and high-rise residential will basically achieve full decoration; Shandong City in 2017 the new high-rise residential renovation of the entire, 2018 new high-rise residential housing in Henan out of; by 2020, a large area of expansion finished residential construction proportion, which the provincial cities and urban and rural integration demonstration area to reach 80%, the county (city) to reach more than 60% Shanghai; since January 1, 2017, the outer ring within the city of new commodity residential decoration throughout the implementation of the proportion reached 100%, other regions reached 50%, male Rent, low-cost housing implementation of the proportion of the entire renovation should reach 100%. ?? In fact, as early as 2002, the former Ministry of Construction issued the "commodity in a residential decoration implementation guide" and supporting the "commodity in a residential decoration materials, Bupin technical points"; the Ministry of housing and urban construction in 2008, issued the "notice" on the further strengthening of the management of residential decoration the requirements, all localities should formulate relevant supporting policies, and gradually achieve the roughcast houses, the decoration Chengpinfang goals directly to consumers. However, due to various reasons, in a very long period of time, the purchase of the entire renovation of residential trust is low. ?? In recent years, as prices rose continuously, buyers economic pressure rising, the hardbound room save money saving advantage to gain consumer recognition, and Vanke, Hengda, garden, sea and other real estate giants continue to promote the good reputation of the hardcover, hardcover room by the rising level in China, especially at the national advocate and leading the local government, hardcover room has become represent the general trend for development of real estate industry. ?? Especially in the current consumer market continues to strengthen the pursuit of personalized decoration background, in order to enhance their market competitiveness, more and more real estate companies begin to hardcover toward personalized and customized direction promotion, has strategic cooperation with suppliers of ceramic tile national real estate company, and past production mode and stable quality batch production, large price advantages of the Real Estate Company and more difficult to meet consumer demand, the market is constantly forced ceramic enterprises towards a customized, flexible, intelligent manufacturing direction. The tiles have become one of the most important decorative materials in the hardcover room. ?? The decoration has been taking advantage of??, the domestic real estate sales of new homes to blank Housing, the housing blank advantage lies in the developers building process, not for housing renovation, allowing owners to buy cheaper house. ?? However, with the continuous development of the real estate market, roughcast housing defects continue to appear, the first owners of blank room decoration is time-consuming, but also need to invest a large sum of expenditure, the more important is that every purchase of economic capacity, the housing decoration time is different, especially long in the past period of time.相关的主题文章: