Hangzhou purchase of the first day of the property market turnover of 5105 sets of the previous day poper

Hangzhou property market restriction on the first day the day before the single day turnover 5105 sets of 328 sets of Hangzhou yesterday to restart the purchase of the first day, Hangzhou city housing security and the Housing Authority announced the implementation of property purchase restrictions on matters relating to operating rules: foreign household buyers need to buy a house in Hangzhou chadang. The day before the purchase, Hangzhou city (including Yuhang, Xiaoshan, Jiangdong) to create a single day turnover of 3265 sets of commercial housing and 1840 sets of second-hand housing (total 5105 sets) of the record; and the purchase of the first day, the urban real estate transactions quickly slipped to 222 units, only 106 sets of second-hand housing contract (a total of 328 sets), like a roller coaster ride back. After Yuhang, Xiaoshan City, only sold 30 residential units after the purchase of the eve of madness, yesterday in Hangzhou city (including Yuhang, Xiaoshan, Jiangdong) trading volume plummeted. The first day of the new deal, Hangzhou transparent network urban district 98 sets of transactions, turnover of 20 sets of Xiaoshan District, Yuhang District 78 sets of transactions, Jiangdong 26 sets of second-hand housing transactions only 106 sets. Commercial housing transactions to commercial housing, housing turnover fell sharply, the main city, Yuhang, Xiaoshan add up to only 30 sets. Qianjiang Evening News reporter several large intermediary stores located in the center of Hangzhou Changqing Street area observed, scanty customers come to showings or to sign the afternoon. Compared to the first few weeks of, yesterday, the number of customer visits is indeed much less than the September. The new home market is also the case, the reporter asked a number of relatively large amount of 18 days of the signing of the contract, the number of these contracts signed yesterday little, and even most did not deal. The turnover is different, the reporter learned that, on the one hand, after the amount of days of the transaction, the developers are not eager to sell up to a net; on the other hand, the purchase of open, property buyers also intends to wait a few days to see the market reaction; in addition, the purchase after the start, need to check the file review customer qualification before the network signed, also has an effect on the net speed. The purchase of contrast before and after the investment tide fast the purchase mainly for foreign investment, the contrast before and after the purchase volume, also exposed before the purchase of investment in the Hangzhou property market high proportion of passengers. In the east of the Genshan government, 18 total net signed 36 units, the main city became the sales crown. It is understood that the customer is mostly from the Yangtze River Delta province purchased tenants, one of the Shanghai property buyers a one-time purchase of 3 sets, and a one-time payment. Xiaoshan Bi GUI Yuanlong Wyatt, 18 days sold 42 sets of houses are basically, foreign domicile. Project marketing director told reporters that they may at noon to introduce the policy that requires all sales, not because of Miss signing and losing any foreign customers, so there was a salesman with a POS machine to go to Shanghai for credit card customers to the scene. However, as of 19 evening, at the end of 22, transparent house network data show that there is no record of the transaction on the day of the two projects. Don’t worry that Hangzhou failed to sign angry regulation but also overweight on the evening of 18, there are a lot of foreign investment in the purchase of 24 failed to catch the start before the completion相关的主题文章: