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Hangzhou on the way to school and crash injured kind of brother open love relay yesterday morning, Ms Wu Hangzhou riding a cable car, to send his son to school. I never thought that the road hit a car, the son was wounded in the leg slumped on the ground, the mother and son lost in the rain. "There were a lot of strangers coming to help us, and I was really touched!" Ms. Hu told reporters on the money. Yesterday 9:30 or so, Ms. Hu riding a car battery to send her son to school. Ride to Feng Shan Road, near the mountain, on the right side of the car suddenly have a battery car to my side turned down, hit the." Ms Wu said, she and her son suddenly fell down, son of serious injuries, face abrasions bleeding, the left leg also fell, sitting on the ground up. "Next to the owner of the battery said there was an urgent matter, go." Just before they left, "has stopped a car well intentioned people to help us." At that time, Yuan Haiyang’s brother master just pulled the passengers passing. "I asked the passengers, he said nothing, you can get off and walk past, I went over the." Yuan master to help Ms. Hu together, the child to the car. Ms. Hu said, the child has a hemangioma on the left leg, more difficult to cure, she and her husband to work in Hangzhou, a big reason is to take the child to see a doctor, this injury is just the left leg, very worried. "We have been in the city to see a doctor, just want to go to the city." On 20 minutes, to a hospital in the city, Yuan master helped Ms. Hu held the child to the emergency room. The fare is more than twenty yuan, Ms. Hu would like to pay, Yuan master insisted, do not even say the child to see a doctor, he left. To the city a hospital emergency room, Ms. Hu and hit a problem. "The children because of hemangioma, and with more serious fractures, should be sent to the provincial child care to see." Ms. Hu said, she ran to the door of the city, stopped a taxi, there was another passenger in front, but heard that she was more anxious, gave her the car. Brother Liu Xuecai heard that the children with leg injuries, and to discuss the security hospital emergency room door, and help the child back to the car. Ms. Hu let Master Liu to take medical records and doctor Feng Road near the money at home, and to the provincial child protection district of Binjiang. "To the child protection, he also help hold the child out. More than and 40 of the fare is not willing to say anything. I asked him the phone, and he wouldn’t tell me. He said the same as before the master, let me take the child to see a doctor." Ms. Hu said, the child is 13 years old, a little fat, hold up very heavy. At that time, there are a lot of people come to help, push the wheelchair. With so many good people to help us, we are really touched!" Ms. Hu said with emotion. Yesterday evening, the money newspaper reporter contacted the two warm-hearted brother, Zhejiang and Zhejiang AT2732 AT9565 master Yuan Haiyang Liu Xuecai master. Yuan Master said his hometown in Henan, Hangzhou to open a taxi has been nearly 7 years. "I also have children, encountered such a thing, very sympathetic, I think other drivers will do so." Liu is also a master of Henan, is a 90 after 3 years of driving a taxi in Hangzhou. "I’ve been in a similar situation before, and it’s helpful to see who’s in a hurry."相关的主题文章: