Half – 0-0 Yatai Molei Luozhong Liaozu temporary column James lost Kongmen (video)-ca1816

Half – 0-0 Yatai Molei Luozhong Liaozu temporary column James lost [] open battlefield 2-1 seize the renewed Yatai home court Guoan moreiro winner relegation hope Tencent sports October 23rd Beijing time 15:30, 2016 in the twenty-eighth round, Liaoning Hongyun home court against Changchun yatai. The first half of the game, the two teams being tied 0-0, Morero hit the post, James lost the empty. Yatai road Liaozu ninth minutes, izmailov front left teammate after the ball directly kicker in an ambush in the middle of the penalty area moreiro leaping high Qiangdian header rub, Shi Xiaotian in front of the gate ball confiscated. Thirteenth minutes, Yatai goalkeeper kicks, not far from the Asani header in the restricted area before the siege, the ambush in the Murray at the top of the arc of the ball from the Luo Ying right foot volley, the ball hit the post, Liaozu escaped. Twentieth minutes, Liaozu get free kick in the left side of midfield, Assani kick out over the top Weiduoxiqi plagioclase pass, in front of the right ball header ferry, Zhang Ye at the edge of the area towards the ball with his heel and knock the ball into the box, Jiang Zhe in the rescue big errors, James broke into the restricted area of the ball along the left side and shaking the goalkeeper after small angle free kick, the ball slightly higher than the beam out of the bottom line. Twenty-third minutes, Kim Yasunobu left ball pick up the box, James down the left foot volley from the ball into the box, it will immediately Yatai goalkeeper the ball confiscated. Twenty-eighth minutes, Liaozu instigated offensive Ujae at the top of the arc after James knocked Wang directly left Tui, rubbing the ball chuliaodixian column. Twenty-ninth minutes, Zhang Xiaofei in front of the ball after Ruth, in front of Ismailov high to grab the nod from the center door, Shi Xiaotian leaped up single palm the ball over the bar. Thirty-fourth minutes, Weiduoxiqi periphery long-range ball will hit. Thirty-ninth minutes, Liaozu attack, Jin Taiyan ball into the restricted area along the left side and in Akira defensive pass, Ujae in front of the ball hook shot, the ball rub column out. The two sides lineup of Liaoning Hongyun (4-4-2): goalkeepers: 28- Shi Xiaotian; guard: 11- Zheng Tao, 21- Yang Shanping, 31- 5-, Asani Liu Shangkun; midfielder: 13- Vidosic, 6- Yang Yu, 8- 20-, Zhang Ye Jin Taiyan; James 37-, Ujae striker: 12-; Changchun Yatai (5-4-1): goalkeepers: 13- Yi Fan; defenders: 16- Jiang Zhe, 5- Yang Boyu, 23- 30-, izmailov Zhang Xiaofei; midfielder: 12- Yin Yaji, 4- Mati, 32- Li Guang and 17- Fan Xiaodong; striker: 10- Morero, Bruno 37-;相关的主题文章: