Hainan vice mayor of Sansha zhuquanbei destroyed by foreign led trawler-acbel

Hainan vice mayor of Sansha zhuquanbei destroyed by foreign led trawler by a new military garrison Island militia training. Nong Shishan photo original title: Quest: the making of a new military garrison impregnable barrier South (Figure) Haikou Beijing September 30, author Tao Shelan Hou Kun Sansha, the southernmost city China, is the least populated, the largest area of the city. A new military garrison, China garrison, the youngest, the National Defense Mobilization Unit in the southernmost part of the motherland, in July 24, 2012 formally established the Yongxing island. The vast waters of the South China Sea Sand Island, a reef, a sea Delta, have left a garrison of soldiers guarding a land, protecting the peace in the South China Sea deep loyalty practice mission dedicated to strengthening the military practice footprint. By forging bloody mission and for the country to keep the sea line. Set up at the beginning, Yongxing Island, a nearly 30 year history of the hostel, a new military garrison of 5 troops stepped in, with rich experience and work experience "veterans" for the Garrison’s future directional pulse. They know that a new military garrison in the South China Sea Rights line, the forefront of military struggle, standard function and construction should be distinguished from the general garrison, to garrison the completion of the South China Sea fight line point, coastal defense system front fulcrum, an important force in the South China Sea Rights, party policy, reliable force of civil military integration vivid model. There is such a set of data in garrison: for 4 years, from the commander and political commissar, to ordinary soldiers, their footprints all over every corner of the South China Sea, more than 30 thousand nautical miles per capita. The South China Sea lumpy, the situation is complicated and grim. A new military garrison in the South China Sea frontier, frontier outpost position, who can know about the future battlefield, who will grab the opportunity. In July 2012, commander Cai Xihong took office with a member of the party committees and the office staff in Xisha ran for 5 days and 5 nights, Nansha took 9 days and 9 nights, boarded the Xisha islands and Nansha all China’s actual control of islands. In 1983 after graduating from the Academy, Cai Xihong the 1.9 meters big Hunan soldiers and indissoluble bound with the South China sea. All the reefs in the South China Sea, do not know how many times he ran. As commander of the new military garrison, every island, will feel shoulder more responsibility. Negligence makes dangers., garrison soldiers know better than anyone, how close the war. In addition to the general staff should be aware of subjects, the officers and soldiers to their layers of overweight: swimming, anti vertigo training, boat driving, satellite communication, foreign language…… From sea to sea, from fear to know the sea, understand the sea, love the sea, the South China Sea a number of familiar with the policies and regulations, understand the surrounding national and military situation, grasp the environmental and hydrological conditions of the South China Sea and the "South China Sea" in each active Sansha islands. In midsummer, the South China Sea deep waters. A field with the real background of the comprehensive exercise is like a raging fire: a dozen large tonnage vessels Pibozhanlang to build sea way training fleet sailing forward, fuel and ammunition supplement, satellite communications and maritime protection camouflage and sea breaching a number of practical content. In the garrison, the soldiers know that "Wu Yi training is not fine small things, a large civil calamity!" Where is the battlefield, it is in the camp相关的主题文章: