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Guizhou: the supply side changed a new blue ocean – Politics – newspaper Guiyang on 22 October,       (reporter Wan Xiubin, Wang Zhiqiu, Hao Yingcan) in the downward pressure on Guizhou bucked the trend, the economy showed resistance to strong "". In the first half of this year, the province’s GDP growth of 10.5%, the growth rate ranked the country’s second. Behind the gratifying data, what kind of change? Supply side reform into the Guizhou economy into a new blue ocean." Guizhou provincial development and Reform Commission Director Chen Shaobo said, by reducing the use of electricity, logistics, finance, taxes and other costs to the enterprise burden about 30000000000 yuan, to stimulate the vitality of market players; 19 industries focus on monitoring, 6 industries of electronic information, agricultural food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing value added to accelerate the rise, promote economic restructuring and upgrading. Comprehensive analysis of 19 industries, an important change is the added value of above scale industrial added value proportion, electronic information, pharmaceuticals, high-end equipment manufacturing industry increased by 3.7 percentage points, coal, electricity, tobacco, wine and four traditional industries fell 4.7 percentage points. Ma Ningyu, director of the provincial Commission by letter interpretation: one by one, the supply side of the reform so that the old and new momentum of economic operation in Guizhou shift and the replacement of old and new industries, the growth of more quality, more optimized structure. Rising proportion of emerging industries, both for the economy to add fresh momentum, but also to increase the effective supply of the market. In recent years, the development of large data in Guizhou as the leading electronic information industry, to win the initiative. China Telecom, Alibaba, Foxconn, Microsoft and other leading enterprises have settled in, the birth of intelligent mobile phone, wearable devices and data cleaning, mining, trading and other new technologies, new products, new formats and new business models. "Don’t look at this small chip such as matchbox, but to the server install" Chinese core ", is a large output." Guizhou Huaxin company deputy general Wei Wei said. The province’s industrial products continue to enrich, in the country more than 500 kinds of industrial products, Guizhou can produce 318 kinds. Expansion of emerging industries, but also refresh the development path. Mountain Dalin is the cause of poverty in Guizhou, with the idea of supply side reform to look, it is a new space for industrial growth. "Forest oxygen bar" natural air conditioning ""…… Guizhou "big article" in a good ecological environment, accelerate the construction of 100 key tourist attractions, attractions of new projects to new forms of tourism to fire one after another, "blowout", this year the number of tourists grew by 39.2% in the first half. Tourism to further promote the development of efficient agriculture, the first half of this year, the province’s pollution-free, green, organic agricultural products reached 27%. As of the first half of this year, the province’s Provincial Agricultural Park, 3799 enterprises in the park, cultivation of farmer cooperatives 4359, the total output value of 86 billion 300 million yuan. Love the new and old. For the traditional industry in Guizhou, the breakthrough in reducing cost, and cost reduction in the bid price is down. As the province’s first power system reform, the establishment of the provincial electricity trading company in Guizhou, the province’s electricity transmission and distribution price per kilowatt hour reduced by 1.66 points, of which large industrial electricity consumption fell by 3.06 points. Only the first half of the province to reduce enterprise electricity相关的主题文章: