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The overall planning of Guangzhou city for the first time approved location up to the international level – Sohu News newspaper Guangzhou (reporter Luo Aihua) in February 21, the State Council has officially approved the "Guangzhou city master plan (2011 – 2020)", the new positioning of Guangzhou city is the capital of Guangdong Province, the national historical and cultural city, an important center city in China International Trade Center and transportation hub. Previously, Guangzhou proposed the construction of three major strategic hub, the international shipping hub, international aviation hub, international science and technology innovation hub, Guangzhou city for the first time that location up to the international level, the city is also one of the highest position. Reply stressed that Guangzhou should strengthen the depth of cooperation with Hongkong, Macao, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao construction has become the depth of Cooperation Demonstration Zone, the Guangdong Free Trade Zone in Nansha area should take the system innovation as the core, to provide a better experience for the country. At the same time combined with the approval of The Belt and Road national strategy, Guangzhou requirements into the maritime Silk Road of the 21 century an important hub, to further play the role of reform and opening up a bridgehead. The approval is also proposed to further promote Guangfo City, Guang Qing Guang Zhao integration, integration. In addition, in 2020, according to the approval, Guangzhou city resident population will be controlled within 18 million; the city construction land control in less than 1772 square kilometers, the urban construction land control in less than 1559 square kilometers.

广州城市总体规划获批 定位首次上升到国际层面-搜狐新闻  本报广州2月21日电(记者罗艾桦)国务院近日正式批复《广州市城市总体规划(2011―2020年)》,广州的最新城市定位是:广东省省会、国家历史文化名城、我国重要的中心城市、国际商贸中心和综合交通枢纽。此前,广州提出重点建设三大战略枢纽,即国际航运枢纽、国际航空枢纽、国际科技创新枢纽,表明广州城市定位首次上升到国际层面,亦系其城市定位最高的一次。   批复强调,广州要强化与香港、澳门的深度合作,建设成为粤港澳深度合作示范区,其中广东自贸区南沙片区要“以制度创新为核心”,更好地为全国提供经验。批复同时结合“一带一路”国家战略,要求广州成为“21世纪海上丝绸之路”重要枢纽,进一步发挥改革开放桥头堡的作用。批复还提出,要深入推进广佛同城化、广清一体化、广佛肇一体化等。   此外,根据批复,到2020年,广州市域常住人口将控制在1800万人以内;市域建设用地控制在1772平方公里以内,其中城镇建设用地控制在1559平方公里以内。相关的主题文章: