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Guangming Daily: network literary criticism to "approach" – the media – original title: network literary criticism to "approach" [] comments about the network literature in recent years, the state attaches great importance to the development of network literature and art. General secretary Xi Jinping at the forum pointed out: "the Internet technology and new media has changed the art form, the birth of a large number of new types of art, also bring profound changes in ideas and literary practice." This sentence reveals the great opportunity and challenge of the network literary criticism. Network literature belongs to Chinese broad social life, its creation and innovation trend contains rich in energy, one of the breaking point, are likely to dig out a major theoretical line, and rebuild our evaluation system of literary criticism. Therefore, the more involved in the practice of literature and art alive, more is to participate in the pan entertainment industry chain, network literary criticism more down to earth, the more fluctuation to the times, the more able to exert influence. Therefore, the network literary criticism needs to enter the field, but also to enter the central field". But the problem is here: when the creation practice, we realized that the network literature rich building innovation trends, major theories and comments of the evaluation system, are in need of network literary criticism into the "field" and "into the central field, good leverage to build small incision leveraging large pattern, but faced with three major problems like approach is difficult to approach": one is faced with a huge, massive, and always in the literary field of the myriads of changes of the network, how can we enter the field? In particular, in the face of sub culture and micro trends in the network of literature and art works, phenomena and trends, most people can not find the path of entry, easy to lose, anxiety. Two, in the face of the new literature of these dynamic advanced and forward-looking, the existing theoretical system seems to have failed, and the reconstruction of their knowledge and is a difficult task particularly large, that suddenly face three difficulties: the first hurdle, don’t know how to fill up to second difficulties, no more; know how to focus and hit the current ripple, not timely, interactive and efficient sound; third difficulties, how to judge and predict the future development trend, and the impact of the next creation of hot spots and innovation trends? Three, how to enter the network in the field of literature and art, to find the turn, can find the inheritance and innovation, thus further into the mainstream of the new literary field is reshaping, find self consciousness, construct cultural identity and ethnic groups, and even find the construction of fusion of old and new media development trend under the review of evaluation system tao. It seems that the network literary criticism in order to enter into the "field" and "central field", to the actual needs of society and the future development trend of grasp trajectory, seize the time point, new art contact point and the tipping point, the influence and role of creative practice, and lead a new trend and phenomenon, at the same time to solve this, must face three big problems "approach". (Department of the Arts Council Secretary China literary critics association network (long) commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: