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Guangdong Xinjiang King Hill battle become one-sided Xinjiang who can fill two main CBA Collection – Las 21+13 Sloan 30 Guangdong Xinjiang 117-85 rout of Xinjiang and Guangdong contest, called CBA game "battle of King mountain". One is the heritage in CBA history, have won 8 championship team made a dynasty; record of 7 matches in the league, leading in the hot state. But the focus of confrontation, but did not wipe out any sparkle. The final Guangdong gain victory with unstained swords by 32 points, overcome the lack of bratzel and Zhou Qi of the Xinjiang team, the game completely reduced to one-sided. As the focus of the current round of the CBA League battle, the duel between Xinjiang and Guangdong, attracted numerous fans attention. What can the winner? This is also quite attractive topic. But in this game, the Xinjiang team was incomplete, Zhou Qi and Bulaqieyin injury can not play, which also makes the team’s overall combat effectiveness greatly reduced, the Xinjiang team has dropped a notch. Xinjiang team available inside, only Yu Changdong and Sun Tonglin, but the two men with the Arab League is undoubtedly not a grade. Xinjiang face to Yi Jianlian and Boozer, there is no way to go on the field, only to the Guangdong team inside the clip strategy. But such a bag of gambling, the effect is not ideal, because it also left the Guangdong team more opportunities to open. It is in this case, the Guangdong team also completely outside the lively up, Sloan 30 points, Zhou Peng 15 points, will be sufficient to prove it. It is both inside and outside the Guangdong team, but also to show the overall strength of the Guangdong team fighting. Throughout the game, Guangdong are firmly occupied the initiative, has always maintained a huge advantage. Small game, when the Guangdong team will be extended the lead to 30 points, but also make the game completely lost all the suspense, rubbish time. The final Guangdong team to gain victory with unstained swords defeat, such a result is not beyond all expectations. This was once thought to be a very intense game, but a one-sided situation, this results in unexpected, but also reasonable. Although the Xinjiang team has a Adams like perimeter point, but the team after all relied on the most, but is still inside the play well. But the Xinjiang team 2 inside the absolute main sidelined, the team also completely lose its fighting capacity. Xinjiang team in the overall strength of the decline of more than one grade, the final encounter defeat is not surprising. This game victory, Guangdong team to find enough confidence. For Xinjiang, to maintain the health of the players, the team still needs to face the biggest problem. Only in this way, the Xinjiang team can fully maintain the competitiveness of the team. The defeat of the game, for Xinjiang, perhaps it is time, after all, the regular season to find the problem can be resolved, once the playoffs and then exposed that would be very bad. (Dong Dong)相关的主题文章: