Good man try to help save the problem not only to save but also to save – Sohu

"Good" solutions help save problem: not only to dare to save but also will save the Sohu news in early May 13, 2015 time period, Shenyang Metro Line 1 Qingniandajie Station station, a 74 year old man in the crowd because of overcrowding and fall. The old man to someone who said: "I have my old Paul, who is not correct". China News Agency reporter Sun Haosheng recently, a news once again sparked heated debate. Jiangsu Xuzhou 90 guy, take the initiative to help a man riding a bike and fell to the hospital for treatment. Who the other guy claiming that Zhuangren make unfounded countercharges. Traffic police surveillance video surveillance, but also a small innocent. In recent years, by the help does not help, triggered a hot news, often stimulate public nerves. Good hand but suffered pengci blackmail events, and the two sides, the reversal of the media frequently each one sticks to his argument of "Luo Sheng", "help does not help" can help "has become the social and moral problems of torture. For the protection of goodwill, the positive energy to activate the community, the introduction of laws and regulations to protect the field of medical emergency behavior, these Regulations are known as the good man law". From this month onwards the implementation of the "Shanghai City Emergency Medical Service Ordinance", it is put forward that "social emergency exemption" principle. "Good law" is able to provide a good umbrella for the goodwill of the rescue, to stimulate mutual trust and mutual assistance? How should the country courageous, rescue reconstruction from legal and moral perspective of social virtue? First aid to encourage everyone to save from the draft to the review, the Shanghai Emergency Medical Service Ordinance (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) continued to cause concern. The reason is that the regulations pointed out that emergency on-site rescue behavior is protected by law, causing harm to patients, according to the law does not assume legal responsibility. Specifically, the "Regulations" provisions, the public found the needs of emergency patients, emergency call should immediately call the "120" hotline, can carry out emergency rescue in emergency medical dispatch personnel under the guidance of the emergency relief can also be carried out according to the site, to provide convenience for first aid. The first person to participate in emergency, the regulations did not set the threshold on first aid skills. Shanghai Wei Planning Commission, said the regulations to encourage and promote the general public to participate in emergency rescue activities. In fact, before Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other places have been introduced to encourage the public to participate in emergency treatment of the good man, clear emergency rescue behavior by law. However, the social emergency disclaimer, or for the first time in the local good law. What is the meaning of "social emergency exemption"? Some experts pointed out that many countries have relevant laws and regulations, for those who are actively involved in the treatment of exemption, but there is no corresponding legal provisions. Through local legislation to encourage and promote the rescue, rescue people can eliminate the menace from the rear to a great extent, reflects the concept of public governance and means of upgrading. The law of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Institute deputy director Yin Xiaohu think, to encourage and protect the helpfulness, from the law and the "good Samaritan" behavior, in the current national legislation does not have the conditions around by the local regulations according to their specific circumstances.相关的主题文章: