Gansu farmer killed 4 case tracking village director Yang explained why cancel subsistence

Gansu farmer killed 4 case tracking: village director Yang explained why cancel the minimum eight, now only two elderly people. Chinese Youth Daily · youth online reporter Guo Luyao photo original title: Gansu farmer killed case tracking small village in sorrow to. After the burial of 5 deceased loved ones, after 8 days, in September 4th, and the bodies were found in the woods in the mountains, the dead is Yang Gailan’s husband, Li Keying. A village in Kangle County of Gansu Province, Gu Jing Town, the village has 191 farmers, Yang Gailan home master Bay agency has 25 households living in scattered wooded mountain Gu o. In the Yang Gailan home, originally lived four generations of people, Yang Gailan’s grandmother, father, and her husband, and her husband, Mr. Li Keying, as well as their 4 children, Yang Mantang, Yang Lanfang, and the other 8 children. Early autumn, Gushan, a harvest scene. The mountain had just finished the wheat, grind end peas, potato fields only to be collected; young people also have the end of work, from the city back to a village with hard earned wages. Who did not expect, in just a few days, this remote village quiet happened at the scene. The bizarre tragedy in August 26th, an early autumn day. Afternoon, Yang Gailan was busy doing the noon lunch, 4 children were playing in the backyard. 70 year old grandmother Yang Lanfang in the sun under the eaves. Only the father Yang house alone holding cattle, not far from the plow fields. Yang Gailan’s noon lunch is fried dishes and more bumps Caigua, approximately 4 p.m., after dinner, Yang Gailan with 4 children out of the door, "said to go to the mountains to pull the sheep". After a while, Yang Mantang finished the work, holding cattle back home, after her daughter Sheng good meal, drink two cups of tea, asked his mother Yang Lanfang that a cow is not drinking water, then the cows to drinking water. In addition to cattle, Yang also kept two cattle, cattle to the drinking place have a section of the road, you do not go full Yang Petunia, but also people in the back to catch, he went to the mountains to find her daughter. At this time, Yang Lanfang also went to the pigs, pigs are the source of her life. In a moment, Yang house cried and ran home. "No, no, and the blue and the dolls are lying on the road, hurry up!" Yang Lanfang quickly got up and followed Yang Mantang to the scene. At that time, already dying Yang Gailan took Yang Lanfang’s hand and said: "a milk, you and I have a good, I can not take care of you!" Panic, Yang Lanfang’s cousin Yang Wannian’s daughter Yang Yanli came to the scene, Yang Lanfang let Yang Yanli call him father, to rescue people. More than 7 in the evening, Yang family looking for cars to the village, one family had two children and Yang Gailan and flavor of the shelf for the cart to the entrance to the village, and put it in the car rushed to the rescue of the county. Kangle county information office bulletin shows: 26 days at 20:30 PM, Kangle County Public Security Bureau Jing Town area police station received a public warning, O master Gu Shan Cun Bay Club a farmer family of 5 poisoning, with 2 deaths. Jing Gu police station after the alarm call 120 emergency rescue organizations in the center of the County Public Security Bureau at the same time, the mobilization of police rushed to the scene investigation and evidence gathering. At the same time, Kangle county leaders to lead the public security, health and township, the main person in charge rushed to相关的主题文章: