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G20 helps Chinese docking with the world "new normal" – Politics – people.com.cn original title: G20 to help Chinese structural reform and world docking "new normal" proposed by G20, to a large extent also reflects the willingness of Chinese. The theme of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, such as inclusiveness and interconnection, innovation, etc., reflects the demands of china. But this is not our individual needs, in fact, many of these demands are benign interaction, but also will bring opportunities to other countries. Although Chinese is the world’s second largest economies, but it is not economic power, if the future Chinese in the world economy from a bystander to a leader, we have the ability to play the power of the world, but the premise is our own strength. So we need to start from the top-level design, the supply side to promote structural reforms go down, can not simply rely on the demand pull in the past, because the production capacity or excess production capacity of the low-end. In fact, the future of the world economy is full of change. In the fourth industrial revolution, that is, the intellectual revolution, we need to take the high ground of china. In this case, we put forward 9 structural reforms G20 also meet the needs of our structural reforms in China, that is, from the factor driven, capital driven to innovation driven, which is precisely the new normal Chinese economy. In other words, we need to put the new normal China economic new normal and world economy relative access, connect the interconnection capacity and supply side reform our cooperation with other countries, in order to really play the role of innovation. If there is no such cooperation, then we also pull themselves from the singing, the effect is limited. China does not rely on squeezing the space of other countries to seek development in recent years, while many countries actually have prejudice against china. Now through G20 such a platform, to the various countries of their own will reflect, find the greatest common divisor of interests, such as possible is not the original idea of every country get benefits, but at least better than non cooperation. (Department of Commerce International Trade and Economic Cooperation Institute of international market research department deputy director (Bai Ming): Gong instrument commissioning editor (Intern), Ceng Wei)相关的主题文章: