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Fuzhou Wulong River sand mining group and then building landfill – Jiangxi river channel — people.com.cn original title: Fuzhou Wulong River sand mining group after 6 days of construction waste transport filled River, Fuzhou Cangshan Phoenix six cover town village villagers, the village is located in the Wulong River, the river village two years a group of people at night, sand, then transported to a large number of construction waste backfill, leading to the center of the river river stretches more than and 10 meters, hundreds of meters long, the river is full of rubbish, water is a few kilometers downstream Yixu and water tap water factory gate mouth. The villagers said that they repeatedly reflect the matter, but so far no supervision, and then the villagers spontaneously set up a village team". Villagers called on relevant departments to attach importance to the timely intervention to punish offenders. The Wulong River accumulation of river sand and building waste a lot of garbage piled on the shore sandbar by landfill yesterday morning, reporters on the scene saw the shore some more than and 10 meters high sand mountain, a pumping of sand into the river. Pumping sand, sand washing, sand transport equipment. There is a row of simple shed sand hill, a shed hanging on the wall in two forms, including date, number, name, quantity and amount, and notes. In October 1st, through the "river sand 031L9" there are 70 cubic meters of travel. Shed workers for sand mining in the field of information, have called knowledge. A large amount of construction waste is piled up in the bottom of the sand field, including cement blocks, waste boards, plastic bags, woven bags, etc.. The villagers said that the place where sand is called the "delta front sandbar", before the reeds, now has completely disappeared. The villagers built "village guard team" but the limited power of the villagers said that they hated for mining and landfill behavior, repeatedly reflected to the authorities, but has not been resolved. So, the villagers spontaneously formed "village guard team", the night in the vicinity Dunshou, last night, they found a car trying to steal back the construction waste vehicles, but failed to catch. The villagers said, the river is open, there are many roads to be here, to rely solely on the "village guard team", unable to stop stealing down and landfill. Relevant departments should strengthen the supervision of the offenders, in addition to the usual punishment, the site should be cleared away, and ecological compensation. (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Chen Gongzhang Xia Yuqing Wen Mao Zhaoqing (Figure): Mao Siyuan Qiu Ye, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: