Fuzhou City, Oriental garden near the two store cash stolen lock is intact chompoo araya

Fuzhou City, Oriental garden near the two store cash stolen locks intact but the Fuzhou evening news (micro-blog) October 30th news (reporter Xu Qiang He Zhen) the lock was not damaged, the store cash was stolen, suspected child crime. Yesterday morning, Gulou District East waterway Oriental garden near the two stores stolen, the store suffered from different degrees of loss. Currently, the police have been involved in the investigation. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter received a public report later came to the scene. Reporters saw the stolen is a bookstore and a pharmacy, rolling shutter door was only slightly damaged. Bookstore owner, said yesterday at 8 am, he received a call from other businesses along the street, said he was the door of the bookstore was opened. He rushed to the scene to see, found that the lock is not destroyed, but put in a few hundred dollars in cash in the store take wings to itself. "Shutter doors inside of a fan on the U shaped glass door lock hanging on the door lock, flawless and perfect." Shop owner said that the initial conclusion is that many people with the crime, the larger the strength of the thieves will be forced to launch a gap in the glass door, thin children into the store to steal. Because of the narrow gap, the store did not steal 3 computers. Pharmacy clerk next door do not want to disclose details, saying only that the loss is being reported to the headquarters and statistics. According to onlookers, the original wall has a pharmacy ATM machine, the machine after the withdrawal of leaving a gap only with wooden block, thieves climbed into the wood cut through shoplifting. Reporters saw the pharmacy has asked workers to plug the gap with cement and other materials, and the gap is close to the inside of the pharmacy near the cashier’s hut. According to insiders, pharmacies lost thousands of dollars in cash and some drugs. More than and 20 days ago, our store was locked, but fortunately did not lose things." Along the street, a businessman, said the demolition is near here, the staff is more complex, relatively quiet night is not good, I hope the police and community security patrols increased. (Fuzhou evening news (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章: