Fuzhou 6 scenic delisted 7 3A scenic spot is a serious warning rectification-g-area meru

Fuzhou 6 scenic delisted 7 3A scenic spot is a serious warning for rectification of the Fuzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau held 8 press conference, released 2016 A-level scenic review bulletin, announced to be delisted on 6 3A level scenic spots, given a serious warning to the 7 3A level scenic spots and rectification, proposed rectification requirements for 6 4A and 1 provincial level scenic tourist resort. It is reported that by the 6 scenic spots of delisting, 3A level scenic area has 2, respectively, Jinan District Emperor hole eco tourism scenic area and the city of Changle Dong Feng Shan National Forest Park. Perfect safety protection facilities is not the former operation of the main changes, there is a big security risk; the tourist service center, Dong Feng memorial hall, closed in the normal Business Hours door, no tourism business activities, hiking trails of the rest Pavilion is cylindrical Scrabble, scenic tours signs and interpretation system is not perfect, management system etc. publicity card design confusion, scenic tourists scarce is not up to the standard 3A level scenic spots. There are 4 2A level scenic spots, the Han culture city of Jinan District did not set up the tourist service center, no complaints management mechanism, the safety problem of the toilet, the revolutionary tourism sign system lag, lack of damage; Jinan District Luo GUI Lake Hot Spring Scenic Spot, Hanxi Furong District of Taijiang District of Cangshan Chen Wenlong memorial hall, the former residence of Chen Jinggu and other three scenic spots have been closed remove or cancel, 2A scenic spot. Is a serious warning and rectification of the 7 3A level scenic spots, 3A scenic spot 6: Lianjiang Tsingtao Brewery DreamWorks do not receive individual, only to receive a predetermined team, at the same time area without consulting, telephone complaints; three Minhou Sandiejing national Forest Park, Fuqing City, Lingshi mountain scenic area, Fuqing Island, Kowloon East Wall scenic Changle Changle villa, Monkey Island cave rock problems of the tourist service center, the lack of function of tourism interpretation system and signs is not standardized and the tourism toilet facilities is not perfect. 2A level scenic spots in Jinan District of Wolong valley scenic area management system is not perfect, lack of personnel, lack of road signs, part of the area is not hardened, is not conducive to the vehicle, reconstruction of a slower recovery part of the ground by the upstream flood. In addition, 6 scenic spots above 4A level and 1 provincial tourist resorts are required to rectify within a time limit. The three lanes and seven Lane scenic tourist service center function is not complete; Gushan Scenic Area, scenic spot, Fuzhou city in the mountain national Forest Park, Fuqing Shizhu mountain scenic area, Yongtai Qingyun Mountain Scenic Area, over the Provincial Tourism Resort Tourist Service Center is not fully functional, part of tourism interpretation system is not standardized, and signs. (reporter Chu Baishan)

福州6家景区被摘牌 7家3A景区被严重警告限期整改   福州市旅游局8日举行新闻发布会,发布2016年A级景区复核通报,宣布对6家3A级以下景区予以摘牌,对7家3A级以下景区给予严重警告并限期整改,对6家4A级以上景区及1家省级旅游度假区提出限期整改要求。   据悉,被摘牌的6家景区当中,3A级景区有2家,分别是晋安区皇帝洞生态旅游景区和长乐市董奉山国家森林公园。前者经营主体变更后安全防护设施仍未完善,存在较大安全隐患;后者游客服务中心、董奉纪念馆等,在正常营业时间大门紧闭,基本无旅游商业活动,登山步道休息亭的柱面被乱刻乱画,景区内导览指示牌和解说系统不完善,管理制度等公示牌设计混乱,景区游客量稀少达不到3A级景区标准。2A级景区有4家,其中晋安区汉唐文化城没有设立游客服务中心,没有投诉管理机制,安全问题突出,厕所革命滞后,旅游标识系统破损缺失;晋安区桂湖罗汉溪芙蓉温泉景区、台江区陈文龙纪念馆、仓山区陈靖姑故居等三个景区已停业或拆除,取消2A级旅游景区称号。   被严重警告并限期整改的7家3A级以下景区当中,3A级景区6家:连江青岛啤酒梦工厂不接待散客,只接待预定的团队,同时景区无咨询、投诉电话;闽侯三叠井国家森林公园、福清市灵石山景区、福清东壁岛景区、长乐九龙山庄、长乐猴屿洞天岩存在游客服务中心功能欠缺、旅游解说系统和指示牌不规范以及旅游厕所设施不完善等问题。2A级景区晋安区卧龙谷景区各项管理制度不健全,人员配备不足,标识标牌缺失,部分景区道路没有硬化,不利于车辆行驶,部分场地受上游洪水侵袭后恢复重建较慢。   此外,6家4A级以上景区及1家省级旅游度假区被要求限期整改。其中三坊七巷景区游客服务中心功能不齐全;鼓山风景区、于山景区、福州市国家森林公园、福清市石竹山景区、永泰县青云山景区、鼓岭省级旅游度假区存在游客服务中心功能不齐全、部分旅游解说系统和指示牌不规范等问题。(记者 储白珊)相关的主题文章: