Fu Yuanhui sent Hu Ge to buy Star flight information on micro-blog openly selling new network – in liuxiaobo

Fu Yuanhui sent Hu Ge to buy Star flight information on micro-blog openly selling Beijing – Sun Yang Fu Yuanhui, ID number 40 yuan a 300 yuan, "I know the star mobile phone number, ID number, packed away". From the ordinary passengers inexplicably received flight cancellations, change the message, the flight information has been leaked to the star, who is the "identity card + flight information leaked behind? According to Xinhua news agency, a celebrity price difference "Zhang Jike participated in a program on the plane to fly to Beijing, all the first-class cabin and business class tickets are all sasaeng fans (fans) buy light, they have no way to end and staff into the economy class, inside is very uncomfortable." Certified as a micro-blog entertainment critic "netizens" leggy Hu pong ", forwarded more than 2 times, let the star reselling chain surfaced flight information. Reporter survey found that this star is in flight information reselling micro-blog search can It is quite common for random, dozens of reselling account are mostly found in the "Star flight + suffix" form. "Contact me," want to know × × × ×, × on the fly; × flight "domestic and overseas flights, payment immediately after the recovery; can also buy their own ID number query, buy number send query method. Long term agent, the price is good to discuss!" This is one of the micro-blog sellers of advertising information. After the inquiry found that these stars are not the same flight quotes. For example, Sun Yang’s ID number, there are some companies offer 70 yuan, only 40 yuan; mobile phone number and the micro signal is generally more expensive, the price range of 70 – 150 yuan; a single flight information generally is 15 – 30 yuan market. Specific prices, according to the size of celebrity fame, popularity will be different. A seller said that the recent comparison of fire is the Olympic red star, to buy a Fu Yuanhui certificate number can be added to send the number of documents, Hu Ge, if you add 50 yuan, but also the number of documents in the TFBOYS package sent out. These sellers in micro-blog long-term recruit agent, there are two kinds of agents: one is at a higher price for 300 yuan, packing away all star related information, including ID number, passport number, mobile phone number; another is to become the home also is two agents, out propaganda "I myself, with the lowest price to sell you, you sell much money on your own." A micro-blog master said. 300 yuan will be able to query the booking system "black screen", "civil aviation passenger reservation system", is China civil aviation information Network Inc (hereinafter referred to as "TravelSky") booking system, named for its operation interface is the black background. The agent can use the "black screen"." In a seller reselling the information under the guidance, the reporter found a "black screen" sellers in Taobao. The seller said that 300 yuan a month you can get the system’s user name and password, enter the ID number can be found flight information, including flight, seat, passenger status.相关的主题文章: