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Fu Yuanhui Carman Lee Liu Hua joined the "king of comedy" comedy Elvis Tsui Fu Yuanhui Carman Lee Li Kun Beijing TV entertainment news by Sina heavy launch, CO production of Beijing TV, film and television xinbaoyuan Investment Co. Ltd., Beijing Culture Communication Co., Ltd. a thousand years as the Beijing satellite media limited liability company Chinese first original comedy show "comedy cross-border cross-border competition Wang" on Saturday night 20:30 ushered in the fifth phase of the program. This week, Fu Yuanhui on stage, Carman Lee cross the first show great surprise, Liu Hua [micro-blog] [micro-blog] replaced Gao Xiaopan as the new manager, Li Kun staged the first variety show host. Full of surprise in a new round of "cross-border comedy king" is about to begin. "Fu Yuanhui is adorable" comedy on stage Elvis Tsui [micro-blog] Encore classic comic characters previously in the "king of comedy" cross at the meeting announced the "swimming little princess" Fu Yuanhui joined the news was released has aroused great concern of the. This week, Fu Yuanhui rujierzhi, out of the "little princess popular swimming" Fu Yuanhui joined the cross stage will bring what kind of wonderful? It is reported that Fu Yuanhui will bring a performance of the cross-border difficult dialogue, while claiming to be unable to remember the lines and how she was "God strain" tease the audience laugh at them? Will Fu Yuanhui contribute a new look this time? The answer will be announced this week, a new round of cross-border comedy king! In the classic Hongkong movies, we often see Elvis Tsui’s characters, Lianshou play are a common understanding of his range. This time to participate in the "cross border comedy king," he personally arranged the script, carefully study the character of the psychological, will be staged a classic image of the big reversal, and strive to show you the best of their own. "The Dragon goddess" Carman Lee Liu Hua joined the first cross-border cross-border brokers stage the biggest surprise is the "Helen of Troy" Carman Lee portrait join, "aunt" appearance let the audience praise again and again, even the comedy convener Xiao Shenyang [micro-blog] is excited to plug. In the performance Carman Lee restored their most authentic appearance, staged a great breakthrough in the drama, won the audience’s favor. In the end Carman Lee show us what kind of reversal charm? This week’s show is not only a new guest, but also ushered in a new comedy broker – Liu Hua. In contrast to the Liu Hua teacher strict upright screen image, a comedy show whether to give the audience do not like surprises? The comedy broker to join him, whether he has the magic to lead the cross-border star into the final? The performances of the new partner Liu Hua guest Zhou Xiaoou [micro-blog], the stunning performance stage, he played with Liu Hua’s agent of wits, and even staged a thrilling shootout, really let the audience breathless. Li Kun presided over the international cross-border debut put on the wedding declarations of Beijing satellite TV BeautyLeg Li Kun staged a broadcasting career for the first time since the first variety show host. Yang Lin hand in hand played a pair of father and daughter, this unexpected role definition to the program itself adds a lot of highlights. Loving the poplar show in the daughter married the day is also a lot of thought, wear high-heeled shoes).相关的主题文章: