From Joe Chen to Jiang Xin, why it is difficult to eliminate the network violence-havd707

From Joe Chen to Jiang Xin, why is it difficult to eliminate the network violence [Abstract] after the death of, the network of violence swept again, this time, the harm is his love of people. I know miss the commencement, is that most of the female students understand entertainment! Little attention to the understanding of WeChat entdong chat gossip ah! Artist Qiao Renliang in September 16th quietly left the world, but it is possible that he did not think of himself, his departure, will give their love so many people brought trouble. Many people have raised the moral standard, who had told Qiao Renliang to collaborate artists micro-blog message, forcing them to mourn the sound, seems like this, sad to find an outlet, or find a sad colleagues, but also is such a famous colleague. Qiao Renliang is in 2007 the "hero" and became popular, the "good man ten" in the first time, have stood out voice, expression of pain and remember. Few words, the middle of the mood is also a considerable restraint, but that does not mean they are not sad. The next day Li Yifeng was photographed after the sunglasses are all black, not stop the redness of the eyes. The movie is Jing Bairan, is also a gaunt, very low pressure. On the other side, is good friends with Qiao Renliang, but has not come out sounding people. A lot of people have opened the curse, waving the banner of justice that they gave the button on the "no sound is not sad," a huge hat. Was scolded the most miserable and Qiao Renliang intersection is the best of the Joe Chen. Joe Chen’s recent micro-blog still stays in September 16th at noon, show their beautiful smile. It is possible that she could not have imagined that on this night, she would lose her best friend. The comments below are abusive, forcing her to think that she is not sound, micro-blog, is the "bystander", accused her of "false friends". Joe Chen’s agent was privately issued two word "distressed", it is reported that Joe Chen has burst into tears, drink a few cups of water, sad cannot makeup. In addition to Joe Chen, and Zhao Liying did not sound, but also be scold pour dog’s blood on. Zhao Liying’s micro-blog in September 15th, the day before the death of Qiao Renliang, is also a warm and fans to explore where to play. But the comment is under a curse, said she was "friends are dead, want to play", and "heartless" abusive words. Zhao Liying and Qiao Renliang is also a very good friend, but also a number of partners to cooperate with the film. Two people filmed the "Lu Zhen legend" (Opera) and "our ten years", an unusual friendship. Yesterday, Zhao Liying attended the press conference, was asked to control the tears on the spot, Qiao Renliang. She said, "this is a very good friend of mine, because there is no micro-blog, so many people in the following asked me. In fact, this is a big blow to me…… Very uncomfortable." She added, "I don’t want to tell you my feelings through micro-blog, I hope you respect the dead, give you a digest of the space bar." Zhao Liying’s remarks, Joe Chen is also estimated, there are many people friendly with Qiao Renliang but did not open their own sad voice, not speech, but]相关的主题文章: