Foshan’s longest subway line 3 or KaiTong Railway Station on 2022 announced running man 20130908

Foshan’s longest subway line 3 KaiTong Railway Station started or 2022 published the Guangzhou daily Foshan news (reporter Huang Zining,   Li Chuanzhi   correspondent Ceng Guanglei) a total investment of over 40 billion yuan, is Foshan’s longest subway line of Foshan Metro Line 3, planned for 18 days this month officially started construction. Yesterday, the Shunde District of Foshan urban rail transit line three project (ie, Foshan Metro Line 3) Shunde start construction mobilization meeting. Foshan city rail Office revealed that this month 18 days, Chancheng, Nanhai, Shunde district has three day building site, and gradually achieve the full site construction. According to the plan, Foshan Metro Line 3 will be the fastest in 2022 before the opening of trial operation. The total investment of more than 40 billion yuan, according to the latest data released yesterday show that the Foshan Metro Line No. 3 from the lion Shandong station, the end of the Shunde College Station, the line length of about 66.5 km, a total of 36 stations. Although the length of the line is shorter than the original design of a few kilometers, but in Foshan rail planning network, it is still the longest subway line. Among them, the Shunde section of the line length of about 34.5 km, set up a total of 18 stations, including elevated station, underground station, 16. The total investment of the project is more than 40 billion yuan, with a total investment of more than $20 billion in Shunde, accounting for more than half of the total investment. Not only is the longest subway line, with a total investment of more than 40 billion yuan of Foshan Metro Line 3, has also become the following Foshan, Foshan subway line after the city’s largest single building project. According to the design of Foshan Metro Line 3, covering Chancheng, Nanhai, Shunde three District, as the main line through the north and south of Foshan, Foshan is also present in the subway project, the first of a north-south subway line, it will become the future of Foshan rail transit network in the North South artery. With the Guangzhou Metro Line 7 transfer of Foshan Metro Line 3 opened, in addition to covering the city center, the project also covered the South China Sea Shishan, Shunde Chencun Town, north, town, Lunjiao street and Daliang street, means that these non central city towns will also advance into the era of rail transit. In addition, the Foshan Metro Line 3 can also be in the north station and Guangzhou Metro Line 7 Shunde transfer. In the future, the people of Guangzhou to Foshan will be more convenient, to Shunde foraging also has a fast track". At present, the Foshan Metro Line 3, the first section of the large pier station project was started construction in August 30, 2016. In yesterday’s mobilization meeting, Shunde District Rail office announced the Daliang Railway Station, Shunde hospital station, Meiqi station will start construction in November 18th, the site also water station, batches will be in July next year before all started construction, and plans in 2022 before the completion of all trial operation. Two No. 11 subway line will be docking yesterday, the reporter also learned to promote the progress of the Shunde section of Guangzhou Metro Line 7, Foshan Metro Line 11, the link project. Among them, the Guangzhou Metro Line 7 West Section of Shunde at the end of this year will be across the board construction; the line first section has already started, is expected to be opened next year, to 2020 after the opening of Guangzhou Metro Line 7 line two will transfer station in Foshan Subway No. 11 Chen Cun; 3相关的主题文章: