For Those Who Need To Be Able To Automate The Process Of Exporting Databases With Maximum Speed, Rel-actv

Software For those who need to be able to automate the process of exporting databases with maximum speed, reliability and ease of use, FlySpeed Data Export offers the ultimate solution. The software is packed full with all the features that you need, complete with a user-friendly interface and a high level of support. One of the most versatile of such programs currently on the market, this software can access data on many different database formats including the popular mediums of MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server. It also supports many of the lesser known database formats as well such as Firebird and Sybase amongst others. This data export tool also provides you with the ability to extract data from the supported database formats and export them into other common, simpler formats for easier review, distribution or printing. Data can be exported into HTML, RTF and XML formats amongst others. Data can also be exported directly to Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and Access. These processes can also be automated, making it far easier and faster than doing the job manually. All you need to do is use FlySpeed Data Export for accessing your data in any of the supported databases and the software will take over, doing the rest of the work for you. Data will be read automatically and then extracted from the tables and converted into the specified format, while preserving all important information in the process. This offers many advantages, such as making the data more accessible for reviewing, printing or presenting your data in a more standardized manner. Many database users and developers end up paying for an IT technician to do this work for them, however, with this software, you simply do not need to. Save money and time and get reliable results quickly by having this universal data export solution at your disposal. You can get virtually instantaneous results without having to worry about issues such as human error. An automatic task scheduler is also included in the program, meaning that the software can carry out a number of predefined tasks when you are not even present. If you need a reliable solution for automated, periodic data export, this can save you a lot of time. Complex queries that cannot be handled with the automated task scheduler can also be dealt with by way of OLE automation which allows automatic export of data regardless of the level of complexity of the queries. The software also takes full advantage of multi-core processers so you can be sure that it will make the most out of your system. You can find out more about the software or download a trial edition at the product website, ..activedbsoft../overview-dataexport.html. Here you can read an overview of the features and get a better idea of exactly how the program can help you. There are also various different editions of the software on offer. This way, you should be able to get exactly the solution you need to suit your individual requirements. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: