Folk legend Neal – Yang December will release a new album-kimi wo omou melodi

Folk legend Neal Yang in December will be issued a new album Neal Yang Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 27th news, according to foreign media reports, the Canadian folk legend male singer Neal young (Neil Young) has been nearly 71 years old, but he did not seem to slow down, he has just announced that it will issue a Zhang Quanxin studio album in December of this year. The local time on December 2nd, Neal Young’s thirty-eighth studio album, "Peace Trail" through his long-term cooperation Reprise label issued. It is understood that the "Peace Trail" after Neal – Zhang Yang last live album "Earth" published soon began writing and recording. This new work included a total of ten new songs, in the famous producer Rick – Lubin (Rick Rubin) recording studio in Shangri-La completed. According to the company said the news, "Peace Trail" album in most of the songs are based on acoustic instruments, participated in the recording of music including drummer Jim (Jim Keltner), the sodium – Bushnell Beth Paul (Paul Bushnell), Neal Yang and John Han (John Hanlon) – long joint production. This new album is by Neal Yang’s official website and his online music store PONOMusic pre, pre copy of the new album will be presented a single album of the same name. It is understood that this piece of work will be through the CD, cassette, digital downloads and black glue and other forms of release, the vinyl version will delay the listing in January next year. "This album is mainly acoustic instruments will be personalized in a way close to Neal young and relaxed to attract the audience to understand the songs of the kernel," Reprise wrote in a public statement. In the recently held in the desert of California (Desert Trip) six Music Festival, Neal – Yang sang the new album in the song of the five. In the All Star Music Festival, in addition to Neal Yang, several other veteran musicians participating are the rolling stones (The Rolling Stones), Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan), who (The Who), Roger Watts (Roger Waters) and Paul Mccartney (Paul McCartney), six groups of Chanticleer music offering a six day rock feast for the fans in the two weekend. Because people are participating music from the last century in 60s and 70s, there are fans of the festival will be called old Woodstock music festival. (KFCMAN) (commissioning editor: Daihatsu)相关的主题文章: