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Photography For those who want to show their art to the world in a new and different way from others, fine art video is a very good option. The history of art is very old. Since thousands of years art is being used. Then the concept of fine art is being introduced to the world thousands of years ago. Previously, the main fine arts were painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry. Drama and dancing were also considered to be fine arts. Nowadays, mostly fine art is acknowledged as visual arts such as painting and sculpture and also performing arts like dance, theatre and music. From earlier days art was considered to be only still images. Usually, painting is the very common fine art. On the other hand, the moving images or a running picture can also be a fine art. This belief has been evolved after many years since people came to know about the fine art. Many people call it as a video art. Now, the definition of art started changing in the 1970s. A new form of art came into existence, art through moving pictures. Though video art is being used many years back also, not much were ready to take it as art. But during past few decades people have started accepting also as a form of art. This gave a totally new platform for those who wanted to show their ideas or views in an interesting way. Like all the sectors, fine art has also developed technically with the changing periods. Like the traditional fine arts, video fine art also requires very good skills. There are many ways of making a video fine art. Many artists just combine many still images and make a video. The images can be of same concept or different topics. Many a times you may come across a video, where the images are placed in such a manner that they tell a story or the real life situations. Also, many art lovers consider short movies also a video fine art. Here, you can express you feelings, ideas by making a short film which touches the heart of the viewers. Hence, you can also make a short video which people call as classic art. Combining two videos can also be a fine art such as it is a treat to the eyes. In todays time, internet is being used in almost all sectors. There are many websites where you can upload your art video and can reach to the millions of people. Also, there are many online art galleries, where you can exhibit your art. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: