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Female students did not see the bus stop "boyfriend jump bridge access" – Zhengzhou Beijing Evening News Hotline: 27255753 Zhengzhou evening news on the client side Sina opened the Zhengzhou evening news official micro-blog phone payment the night did not see her boyfriend students to jump the bridge two bus bridge parking "access", more than 2 car bridge save yesterday afternoon, not contact her boyfriend, downhearted female students to jump the viaduct, by two long bus rescued. It is understood that the girl at a college in Zhengzhou, school sophomore, junior students fell in love with her boyfriend, who lives in the East, the girl only knows the boys home probably haven’t been home position. Yesterday, the girl just finished surgery in his hometown of Zhoukou, went to Zhengzhou to find a boyfriend. Whether playing boyfriend phone or send text messages, boyfriends do not receive no reply. The girl went to her boyfriend said the District, in the area near the night, or did not receive a boyfriend, All thoughts are blasted. occasion, girls choose to commit suicide. Happens to be the 85 road car to see two cars, 85 road bridge erected life at a crucial moment, moment, commander Li Yanbin quickly ran on the viaduct, with powerful arms successfully commit suicide to save the girl, contact the girl family, the girl rushed to the police station with high iron. Zhengzhou evening news reporter Zhang Hua correspondent figure Li Hongwen相关的主题文章: