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Web-Design Most of us visit a website and get suddenly entertained on an animated box placed on the site. That is actually made with a software technology called Flash. Flash is vector graphic software that is made to create animations on web pages. In the early 90s, when people were still learning to be the best in web designing, Flash was used to create 2D animation and for gaming. Today, flash designs are almost used on all forms of websites because it does not cost much and it is very interactive. Here are some features of flash animation in website development: The flash makes the site entertaining. It attracts audiences once they visit your website. Since flash uses vector graphics, the texts and images on your website are clearly defined. It will not look fuzzy and will look very clean. It can produce animation. Animation has been entertaining kids and adults alike. Its one of the keys for your website to be known. You can also use animations to create an advertisement of what your business is all about. Some people only want visual information and some people do not like reading long messages. An entertaining animation will do the trick. Gaming: Flash based games are be.ing popular and it usually grabs attention. People might spend more time on your website to play games that you feature. You can use flash as a sound. You can use to synchronize an action or function of your websites. You can also use it as a background element. You can also use it as a helpful tool on your website. Like calendars, the date and time, etc. It has no browser issues. It can be used in Internet Explorer, Netscape or MAC and PC. Flash is viewable to smart phones. .plicated animations and playing videos can look awesome if you use Flash rather than using HTML alone. You can use it as an entertaining and informative way of making videos or movies. With a flash file, it has smaller sizes and it does not take long to download. Flash has a user friendly interface and it can create an entire website without having to write a single line of code. These are just some of the many features that flash has to offer for developing your websites. It is mostly used on all sites out there. It is also easy to learn if you have the time but if you dont, there are also a lot of flash developers that you can hire. Your friends might be one of them or you can always search them online. Flash has a lot of advantages when it .es to entertainment. Let us use the power of the inter. and entertainment to be successful. Do not be afraid of technology especially if you are an entrepreneur. You need to step up and be updated on the latest trends and how this new technology can help you with your everyday living and with your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: