Exposure to doping scandals frequent IOC or lifting weight removed from the Olympic Games-t420s

The exposure due to doping scandal frequent IOC or the removal of Russian weightlifter from weightlifting Olympic Games (map) [global network reporter Juppe reported] according to the Russian satellite news network August 25th news, the International Weightlifting Federation committee member David – Ligeerte to the Russian Sports News Agency (R-Sport) said that the International Olympic Committee may consider from the Olympic weightlifting remove the problem in the project. Prior to the International Olympic Committee Beijing Olympic Games and the London Olympic Games doping samples were two waves of review. A total of 1243 test samples, of which 98 (60 Beijing Olympic Games and the 38 London Olympics sample sample) a positive test result. The International Weightlifting Federation announced the 24 15 weightlifters in 6 countries list their 2008 Olympic Games doping positive review results. The 2008 Olympic Games is the number of athletes doping the review results positive has reached 25 people, including 16 medal winners from 7 countries. Riegel Te said in answer to the question of whether the International Olympic Committee will lift weightlifting from the Olympic Games, said: "there are many possible applications for the Olympic games." President of the International Weightlifting Federation, said on August 17th, the International Weightlifting Federation in the Rio Olympics will cancel the Russian Weightlifting Federation and the Kazakhstan and Belarus Federation membership. Prior to the International Weightlifting Federation has banned Russian weightlifting athletes to participate in the Rio olympics.相关的主题文章: