Exploring the Xiamen forensic work inside corpse Whisperer mysterious veil ravbin

Exploring the Xiamen forensic work inside "corpse Whisperer" demystifying morning news reporters in forensic pathologist Zhang Hailong, you open a "dead language" the mystery of Zhang Hailong forensic (down) and colleagues together in the scene. (map) morning news reporter Chen Xiaobin recently, suspense criminal network drama "forensic Qin Ming" hit, so many people are interested in forensic medicine, forensic respect. So, in reality, "Qin Ming" is the same as the play? As a forensic, adventure, to face the murder scene, they not only have to face the body, let the body speak "". Yesterday, the reporter walked into the lake Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade of science and technology, forensic interview Zhang Hailong, for you to uncover the mystery of "body language". It was confirmed in October 16th 18 of India Dutch act, a public warning, in Wuyuan Bay Beach Boardwalk, suspected people were killed. The police found two bodies, one male and one female tied together, tied to one end in the men’s waist, tied to one end in the woman’s leg, so fantastic. After receiving the police, Zhang Hailong and his colleagues rushed to the scene, after the scene investigation, Zhang Hailong confirmed that the two men have no obvious trauma, died of drowning, and infer the time and place of their water. Then, they will these findings to the Criminal Investigation Brigade police. After police investigation, and ultimately determine the 2 suicide. This is not the end of the matter, arrived in Xiamen, the woman’s family questioned the findings of the police. Zhang Hailong told them about objective facts and rigorous investigation, so that the woman’s family to convince the police findings. Sometimes just a few centimeters from the body. Zhang Hailong told reporters, in "forensic Qin Ming", open Cadillac, dressed in Western dress and leather shoes of the medical examiner, in real life is almost invisible. When working, the forensic general wearing police uniforms clothing or clothes, anatomy. They need to run for the Zhang Hailong case, mostly involving personal injury, the body is a homely food contact. Every time I go to the scene, Zhang Hailong in order not to let the blood, saliva contamination to cigarette and evidence, Zhang Hailong they will wear masks, if there is a corruption of the body, they will wear a gas mask. But the highly corrupt body, the taste is very large, no matter how anti, the smell still smell." Zhang Hailong said that in the test, sometimes need to look, smell more carefully, just a few centimeters away from the body. Every time they come out from the field and laboratory, have in mind the case after the accurate batted, to ease, eat, sleep and sleep at ease. Beat "malingering" was exposed in addition to the body to "speak", there is another important duty of forensic identification –. It is understood that the person to do injury identification, mostly because they can not get satisfactory compensation, or hope that through the identification of the results, so that the other party is more severe punishment. Therefore, sometimes there will be "malingering" or deliberately exaggerated, change the original injury, this case, Zhang Hailong also met with a lot of play. By the end of 2014, Lin Hua (a pseudonym) was hit, and then he applied for injury identification, a meeting with Zhang Hailong, has been stressed that he was beaten, binocular vision decreased, and issued a certificate of hospital diagnostic materials. Zhang Hailong they found that Lin’s eye does have blood stasis, but there is no fracture around the eye, optic nerve, etc.;相关的主题文章: