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The spread of education anxiety of parents do not want children all walks of life become the bottom every day after school basketball class, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon to learn Mathematical Olympiad learning new concept English, this is the son of He Xiaohong to the outside row of curriculum, her son is currently in Beijing Dongcheng District a public primary school on the fifth grade. Like many families in Beijing, He Xiaohong and her son had been involved in getting ahead of the beginning of a small rise competition whirlpool, can go to a good middle school and leave no stone unturned. But unlike many families in Beijing, He Xiaohong is a Beijing account, there is no house of migrant workers. Because there is no account in Beijing, He Xiaohong has been worried, I do not know his son’s way of studying in Beijing can go to the day. With those who have the qualifications, but also a stable income "floating" in Beijing white-collar, He Xiaohong and her husband from the countryside, she in a business unit canteen, the husband cooks in a restaurant, therefore, they will often worry about the livelihood of one family. Three heavy pressure together, let He Xiaohong very hard. The income is not high, but most of them took to send his son on the extracurricular training class, He Xiaohong thought it worthwhile, because her heart has a strong belief that the son can not get lost in this line on the urban and rural areas. Reporters recently found in an interview, in Beijing, after the army training, there are more and more like He Xiaohong son of migrant workers children. The spread of education anxiety at all levels of society, with more social resources and the right to speak of the parents for their children to "fall down", while living in the social strata, parents want their children to strive for further improvement". Like He Xiaohong, although in the big cities to work, but did not really jump out of the agricultural door of young parents, more eager to change the fate of children through education. Today’s topic: if the child wants to face plastic surgery, would you object? Put your views to our WeChat public number Q treasure pioneer background, have the opportunity to get a good gift! The bottom of the society parents worry that their children grow up you will become my "was a popular song called" when they grow up, I became you ", sung is the child of the elders respect, however, in real life, many parents great fear is that" grow up you will become my". This year, the year of fate Qiu Cuihua took out his books, behind the name of the 40000 daughter". Last week, the eldest daughter of the University of the last semester of school, Qiu Cuihua for the eldest daughter sent the last money. 40 thousand yuan is the eldest daughter of the University of the total cost of the past three years, the boss finally spent money." Qiu Cuihua, like He Xiaohong, came out of the countryside to work with her husband in Beijing. A strong she wants to make a mark in Beijing from the age of 18, but had only primary school, and not what skills she is very difficult to realize the dream. Since the children, Qiu Cuihua rekindled hope, they must come out, can no longer like us so hopeless." She sent her children to the best boarding school in her hometown. Qiu Cuihua has 3 children, the daughter of the text of this year’s third year of high school, the youngest son of the National Day is now on the second day of the two. Wen and the national day of the annual tuition and accommodation costs are about 1.2"相关的主题文章: