Driver attention! These places are very vulnerable points over the next 3 months to ca1477

Driver attention! The next 3 months to these places very vulnerable points in October 28th, upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporters from Jiangbei District Jiangbei District Public Security Bureau was informed that from October 17th onwards Traffic and patrol police detachment has been carried out in the area for a period of three months of "Bao Tong Chang pressure accident" traffic order special rectification action to ensure road safety and orderly and smooth. During the operation, Jiangbei Traffic and patrol police will increase the drunk driving, vehicle road plugging, not according to the provisions of the lane, the red light, in the crosswalk with traffic signal lights not comity pedestrian traffic violations investigation. From the thorough investigation of key road illegal parking, tricycle on the main road (the district surrounding the illegal parking and other traffic violations). At the same time, remediation efforts to strengthen not across the street pedestrian facilities, not according to the traffic signal across the road, crossing the barrier, issuing on the road and selling items such as traffic violations, effectively purify the area of road traffic environment, create a good road traffic order. The special rectification to Jiangbei region major traffic intersection, primary and secondary roads, bus stations, markets, the main commercial street and the alley, the 39 road was listed as the focus of remediation road. It includes: the way across the board, Shimen bridge of Beiqiao Daqing village head to overpass along the Stone Mountain Sports Park, the surrounding roads surrounding the city ten years Jinke Road, building a new road across the board, North Street (nine Street), the roads surrounding the new road north (Jia Nong commercial pedestrian street to Jin Yuan road crossing, traffic lights) ring road, building new road business district (village primary school to the hospital 324 traffic lights), hongqihegou overpass turntable to Wong Bang along, to build the North Branch, all the way across the board, Huatang built new road, building a new road across the board across the board, five Red Road (Five Mile Shop interchange to Jinke gas station, North Road (tower) to Juxian along Yuao Avenue), across the board, is Jin Yuan Road (including) by leech beam lights to the Lee Ping interchange (North Road), along the Beiqiao Jiahua bridge head to the tunnel along the Jin Yuan Road, Hong’en Five miles across the board, store the dials to Cuntan Street administrative center, district administrative center along the ring road, Wujiang Road West, Hongfan Road (including Wang eight) all the way across the board, red, red road, across the Shima River Interchange around the road, the Yanghe River Road, the Yanghe River Road, a line across the board the Yanghe River road across the board, Wujiang along the road, five Jane road across the board, carp pond road across the board, the surrounding Pearl River Road, Wan Feng Road, Sun City View Avenue, across the board hung across the board of children around the park road, hongensi Park surrounding roads, Hebai road across the board. 14 major traffic junctions are listed as the focus of remediation areas. Including: Daqing village overpass intersection, Panxi crossroads, Wong Bang booming Road Interchange, North Street, the Yanghe River Road intersection with the North Street intersection, crossroads, five in the two steel shop branch junctions, the Yanghe River road connecting North Street intersection, the traffic lights Garden (Changan hospital to Wanfeng direction of the first traffic light), thawing to build a new road, King Road intersection, hongensi East Interchange, after Pei Tang Wan Hing Road crossroads Road intersection, Jin Yuan road connecting new road traffic junctions, Jin Yuan road connecting Wan Hing Road traffic light intersection. During the special rectification action, Jiangbei patrol detachment will mobilize the whole police, all posts.相关的主题文章: