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Drinking water can also kill wrong morning drink weak brine to pay attention to health – Sohu white-collar workplace in order to make the skin not dry, moisturizing spray of water, drink plenty of water constantly. But also pay attention to drinking water, drinking water is not only bad for the body is not good, but there are harmful, beauty who should pay attention to oh. In fact, drink it, in addition to the scale, but also to drink well water, in order to truly protect the health. What is good water? First of all, good water must be safe. Water is the body’s necessities, so we require water or containing rust, sediment, bacteria, viruses, heavy metal ion, chlorine, color, smell, organic molecules and other harmful substances; secondly, good water taste better. Healthy water does not contain any harmful substances, so the taste is more pure sweet, whether it is drinking or cooking, cooking effect is better; finally, the water must be fresh. Once the water is long will lose activity, will produce nitrite and other harmful substances. Experts suggest that the best when fresh water flow. Long term drinking for a long time, not only plays the moisturizing effect, but also lead to related diseases. Women who drink the wrong water may damage the health drink plenty of water on the body, the skin is good, but not what drinking water, drinking water is not only wrong, not good for the body, but also harm women should pay attention to oh. 1, after a long set of boiling water for a long time after the home, which contains nitrogen organic matter will continue to be broken down into nitrite. In particular, the storage of water for too long, it is inevitable that bacterial contamination, organic matter decomposition at this time to accelerate the production of nitrogen, nitrite is also more. Drinking such water after the combination of nitrite and hemoglobin, will affect the blood oxygen transport function. So, in the days of the thermos bottle boiling water boiled water, put several residues in boiling water for a long time on the stove, its components have been changed and not drinking. Should drink a boil, not more than 24 hours of water. In addition, a variety of bottled, bottled purified water, mineral water should not be stored for a long time. Large bottles or bottled pure water, mineral water for more than 3 days should not drink. 2, salt water, some people think that drinking light salt water is good for health, so in the morning to drink light salt water, this understanding is wrong. Drink light salt water is conducive to health is not false, it is necessary to add moisture after sweating in the summer, it can be added to the water in the morning is not only useless, but also a health hazard. Physiological studies suggest that people in the night sleep not drink water, but breathing, sweating, but in urology, the loss of physiological activity consumes a lot of water. When you get up in the morning, the blood has become a concentrated state at this time, such as drinking a certain amount of boiling water can quickly make the blood to be diluted to correct the night hypertonic dehydration. Drink salt boiling water will add hypertonic dehydration, dry mouth appreciated. Moreover, the morning is the first peak of human blood pressure rise, drink salt water will make blood pressure is higher, harm to health. Related video: secret must drink water every day for more than 3 hours to see the contents of the original welcome to pay attention to micro signal: Tencent health like to click on the upper right corner of the circle of friends to share it相关的主题文章: