Downtown Anhui, Bengbu, a fire burned area of about 600 square

Anhui Bengbu downtown building a fire burned area of more than 10 points an online news September 28th evening new network of about 600 square meters in Bengbu City, bengshan district Wing Street office building fire, the fire lasted 3 hours has been extinguished, burned area of about 600 square meters, no casualties found. It is understood that the Wing Street is located in the famous Bengbu Road Pedestrian Street near Huaihe, there are many shops around. The fire building is an old office building, one for the shops along the street, the other floors are mainly offices, the building next to the residential building. That night, the typhoon weather, Bengbu under a light rain, windy. More than 10 in the evening, the residents living in the back of the store to smell the smell of coke, only to find smoke at first, half an hour later, the mall out of the fierce fire, the fire spread rapidly with the wind. There is also a transformer in the fire floor, the floor of the electric wire sparks, from time to time issued a loud noise, smoke enveloped the whole road. In the fire grill, upstairs wall began to fall, hit the road, the situation is very critical. At 22:45, Bengbu city police fire brigade command center received the alarm, the rapid deployment of mussel hill, Dragon Lake, Secret Squadron and other rescue forces arrived at the scene. However, due to the narrow streets, complex wires near the building, fire engines have been unable to successfully carry out operations. After 3 hours of fighting fire officers and men, the fire was successfully completed at 1:44 on the 29. After the scene investigation, the main floor is the office, there are no residents, so no casualties. Currently, the cause of the fire is under investigation. (reporter Peng Yini)相关的主题文章: