Double 11 after the carton multiquadric hard to use expert advice to explore new deposit system in

"Double 11" after the carton multiquadric hard to use expert advice on deposit system – Beijing Information: on November 14th, Shanxi Taiyuan, Shanxi University of Finance and Economics campus before sent to each full express logistics company. Wu Junjie photo express said the high cost of expert advice to explore a deposit system for "double 11" after the online shopping home saved a lot of FedEx box, someone left a spare one, sold as scrap, more people are directly thrown away. Cheng Huiqiang, a researcher at the State Council Development Research Center of resources and Environmental Policy Research Institute pointed out that, in addition to allowing the public to develop two habits, courier companies should also establish a corresponding recovery mechanism. Consumers: Express carton become "chicken ribs" "double 11" over the next few days, people are busy collecting express, express a stack of a carton piled up at home. Ms. Wu said that at present, she received more than and 20 courier cartons, in fact, not much, but businesses in the mail when the fragile goods will be set of two cases, to prevent damage during transport. It’s a pity to throw away the box. I’m going to keep my clothes in." Beijing morning news reporter asked a number of people, most of them are consistent with the practice of Wu, only one person said it would leave the box again for mailing. Express: the recovery of storage problems were reporters call the SF, rhyme, Zhaijisong and Shen Tong and a number of courier companies, were told no recovery service. Courier Wang said the site had been implemented recycling services, but the effect is not good, "the cartons and bags are easily damaged in the transportation and dismantling, the recovery rate is not high, such as the courier cartons on a single stick and tear, it is difficult to cover the high cost of manual sorting". In addition, because of the limited storage space, the outdoor storage box is easy to damage, can not guarantee the integrity of the re-use and protection of commodity performance. Expert: environmental protection material is the trend of Cheng Huiqiang believes that the courier industry has not formed a recycling carton reverse logistics mode, relying on the strength of an enterprise is not enough, but also need to cooperate with the community. "If the reverse logistics to the enterprise warehouse, immediately processing enterprise home professional paid recycling, then the industry will thrive." On the packaging recycling way, Cheng Huiqiang said, is currently being discussed in the deposit system, such as in Germany, the packaging is with a deposit, but at home, only milk and soda bottles can be recycled." Whether it is a deposit system, or the return of points, discounts and other gifts, corporate recycling are worth promoting, and ultimately should expand the scope of the behavior of the recovery more standardized. In addition, he said that at present, companies have begun to use environmentally friendly materials to produce packaging boxes and bags, which is also a resource recycling, it is worth promoting. Beijing morning news reporter Zhang Jingya clues: Mr. Chen相关的主题文章: