Digitalization The Start Of A New Era In The Music

Arts-and-Entertainment Adnan Sami, a Pakistan born singer, recently shared his thoughts about the introduction of the digitalization techniques in music industry. Sami shared his views at Nokia Music Connects 4. He told media about his personal opinion on the digitalization of the industry, and threw some light as to how he managed to get along with the new technology. Sami admitted the fact that he had to face initial problems in connection to handling and managing the new technology. He also let people know about his first encounter with the new technology in the music industry. It was at a concert in South Africa where Sami first came to terms with the digitalization of music. The fans seem to enjoy the so-called newer version of music, and I was overwhelmed with the response, said Sami. Digitalization of music industry has several negative aspects from the point of view of an artist. Privacy issues, loss or low revenue for the artist and the file sharing hindrances can prove to be the major setback of the mentioned technology. Sami was, however, quite pleased with these latest trends in music. It is a sparkling fact that digitalization can result in fewer sales of the musical album, but in turn, the artist can enjoy overnight success. To achieve fame, you have to put something on the line, and when it comes to musical industry, a single song getting hits on social media can fetch you overnight fame and recognition. Sami admits the fact that the number of sales of his recent album was not up to the desired mark, but he got immediate response over the social media about the songs of the album. Not just Sami, but also almost every singer needs to learn the art of dealing with the digital era of music. The rest of the world is following a similar pattern of music, which has been appreciated at all levels. It has become easier for people to listen to their favorite songs. Though, an artist has to suffer financially, but in the long-run, recognition earned by means of digitalization of music can be ideal. Listeners do not have to face hindrances caused by musical companies, promotion brands etc, as listening to the favorite music these days has become as easy as pie. No more waiting for the store owner to get the required music for you, as you can listen to your desired songs over the internet without any issue. Digitalization has changed the whole process of the musical industry. Owing to the new technology, the development of the singer has become a piece of cake these days. Sami is of the view that technology has always helped the emerging talent, and this digitalization of the industry will definitely pave way for several singing sensations making a name on the world stage. He also added that the latest technology helps a singer to showcase all the talent he/she possess, which can be a great learning experience for everyone associated with the music industry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: