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Day of Alzheimer’s disease! There are ten signs of the elderly to be careful – Sohu health No.306 Hospital health management center, editor of the September 21st world Alzheimer’s day. At this time of the year, many countries and regions around the world to hold a campaign to let everyone know more about Alzheimer’s disease, to remind people to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Speaking of Alzheimer’s disease, many people will equate it with memory loss. In fact, the disease is not just a poor memory is so simple. We summed up the ten signs of Alzheimer’s disease, to help you identify Alzheimer’s disease. The first sign: memory decline, memory loss, especially the recent forgotten, is the most common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. The second signs: unable to complete the familiar work of Alzheimer’s disease can make once the "little domestic experts" gone…… the third signs: language disorder early Alzheimer’s disease patients often forget simple words or words and do not know how to express, say it is difficult to understand. Fourth signs: do not know the time and place of Alzheimer’s disease patients often get lost, can not remember the date, and even can not distinguish between day and night. The fifth signs of Alzheimer’s disease: impaired judgment will make people lose the correct judgment on some things, such as a lot of money to buy no valuables, or no longer eat fresh food, even rampaged across the street. Sixth signs: the decline in understanding of Alzheimer’s disease patients with early communication with people tend to have some obstacles, can not keep up with other people’s ideas. The seventh sign: the goods or money misplaced in the inappropriate place the fruit in the closet, socks on the table… Always put things… The wrong place, is a sign of Alzheimer’s disease. The eight signs: emotional or behavioral changes, no reason for mood fluctuations, or mood becomes indifferent, numb, then we must pay attention to. The ninth sign: personality change, confused paranoia, fear, anger, anxiety, depression and Alzheimer’s disease…… is likely to change a person’s character. The tenth signs: the loss of interest in some of the patients can sit in front of the TV for hours, or long time to be sleepy straws. Alzheimer’s disease can even steal your hobby and make you no longer interested in your previous interests. If you and your family have more symptoms, please promptly to the hospital, don’t let the closest person to "familiar strangers" Liberation Army No.306 Hospital health management center, Jia Haiying, editor from leading the elderly healthy living, healthy leaves相关的主题文章: