Countless cool Blizzard artist each occupation artifact larger HD-519697

Countless cool Blizzard artist each occupation artifact larger HD CGWR score 9.6 novice card booking | World of Warcraft area recently, Blizzard invited 12 artists from different countries, draw 12 different customers to meet the coming of the Legion occupation. It is intended to introduce a new artifact, there may be inserted into the professional suit, professional hall and other elements. The Blood Elf Hunter and shooting hunting, T4, occupation Hall (Portuguese painter JJcanvas) and pain of worgen warlock artifact, T17, occupation Hall (Singapore painter sandara) dwarf priest and discipline artifact, T1, occupation Hall (Singapore artist Muju DK and DK) Orc evil artifact, T15 (American artist arvalis panda brewmaster monks) and artifact (Slovenia artist Valentina-Remenar) Taurens Djokovic and German milk artifact, T6, occupation Hall (Romania artist anotherwanderer) and fanatics thief Troll rogue artifact (Canadian artist JasonTN) human Paladin with every artifact, T19, occupation Hall (Malaysia artist syncmax) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean it Or prove its description.相关的主题文章: