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The government of Columbia and brother Wu " " signed a peace agreement in conflict or end – Sohu Military Channel following the Columbia government and the rebels of the revolutionary armed forces of Columbia ("brother Wu") peace agreement reached earlier last month even after the referendum, both 12 in the Cuban capital of Havana signed a peace agreement in the new, marking the armed the conflict lasted for half a century is expected to end. "[Columbia] peace cannot be" and "brother Wu" the government said in a joint statement, in consultation with the Columbia people views, both sides of the amendment and supplement of the peace agreement previously reached a new peace agreement. The new agreement by the Columbia government delegation leader Humberto de Lacalle? And "brother Wu" negotiator Ivan Marx signed?. "We call on Columbia and the rest of the world to support the new peace agreement, to prompt its implementation, so that the tragedy of war in the past," the statement said, "peace can no longer wait." De Lacalle said the peace agreement modified than the previous "more perfect", one of the most important change is to require "brother Wu" "sun" complete property list, as compensation for victims. The new agreement also stipulates that the special court will be hearing criminal cases during the conflict and the establishment of acceptable supervision of foreign observers, but foreign judges shall not participate in the trial of cases; agreement is also clear "brother Wu" must provide "detailed information" of the involved in drug trafficking. However, according to the Reuters, for the previously controversial Colombian military into a legitimate party, can participate in the presidential and parliamentary elections and other content, the new agreement has not been amended. "Negotiations with the Colombian delegation are very tense…… This is the best agreement so far, solve (previous) many people questioned and dissatisfaction, "de la calle said," we believe that the new protocol provides a feasible way for the realization of ultimate peace." The new copy of the agreement will be 13 open to the public, but the government will not mention whether the content of brother held new agreement with a similar referendum. Opposition camp discontent since the creation of the last century in 60s, the Colombian armed conflict between government forces continued, resulting in 220 thousand people were killed and more than 8 million people were displaced. In November 2012, under the guarantee of Cuba and Norway, the two sides began peace talks in Havana, cuba. Mutual trust, negotiation on June this year, the two sides signed a ceasefire agreement. The two sides have experienced several days of hard negotiations, and finally reached a consensus on some sensitive issues. In September 26th, the Columbia government signed a peace agreement with the Colombian army in the coastal city of Cartagena, Columbia, and decided to hold a referendum in October 2nd to clarify the legality of the contents of the peace agreement. However, the results are surprising, the peace deal failed to pass. As the opposition leader, former president of Columbia Alvaro? Uribe believes that peace agreement on the "brother Wu" too many concessions, especially the "Frank from prison" and "brother Wu" into a legal party "相关的主题文章: