Christine Fan’s son was black with shameless tricks back then melia kreiling

Christine Fan’s son was black with shameless tricks back tricky video screenshot in new network on 22 September, according to Taiwan media reports, Chen Chien-chou [micro-blog] (black) even married, upgraded to the father of 2 children, still does not change the mischievous personality, often a whole video in the fans, also from time to time to think of the child’s head askew following his "Feifei, whole face, even Xiangxiang with" bad ", not willing to be his, had to use a shameless counter, a video but many netizens laugh. I saw the Xiangxiang on bicycles, quickly rushed forward, black is in the rear to follow, they took advantage of the good weather to enjoy the happiness of a family union in the yard, did not expect the next second black moving from the crooked brains, take advantage of attention when he shouted "go. Go.", then quickly put the car to push forward to once up he sat on the floor, his "shameless tricks", until my father is willing to stop yourself up, but to touch the car, dad and the car forward, so repeatedly several times, look very cute. For Xiangxiang so funny move, zhikua fans he is very clever, just sit down can save energy, "so small to learn" shameless ", what is the father in the whole son, or son in the father, even personality inherited father", some people think that black people’s too bad, even the son has to go, let this video in less than 2 hours with 150 thousand people watching, it fit the father and son of the high popularity.相关的主题文章: