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Coaching As a parent, one of your greatest desires is to see your child succeed in college. As a student, going into the first year of college with confidence is priceless. Plus, having a successful first year propels you forward into a successful entire college career. The only problem is that many freshman begin college without any guidance, go through years of college with an "undecided" major, and end up spending more money than it’s worth. This is where academic coaching comes in. A professional, qualified academic coach can give you the tools you need for an amazing first year. Whether you are a high school student seeking help before beginning college or a college student who has struggled through the first year with still no direction, here are three benefits you’ll experience with academic coaching: Save Money It costs money to make money, and college is definitely a worthy investment. The only problem is when a student is unable to decide on a major and racks up enough college bills to last a lifetime. Plus, with an academic coach, you’ll be able to get a handle on those common areas in which students often struggle: time management, procrastination, organizational skills, learning style assessment, note taking and study skills, test preparation, test-taking strategies, reading comprehension, maintaining balance in college life including budgeting, career advisement, and more. Know Yourself Deciding a major is almost impossible if you do not first know your likes and dislikes, talents, and more. An academic coach will begin to develop a plan of action that takes into account the natural talents, interests, and personality of each student to build a sense of motivation and achievability. The basis of this plan is establishing short term and long term goals. Coaching sessions that continue over the first month of a semester, or over the entire year, can guide students as they encounter new challenges to develop constructive habits and pin-point strengths that have helped them in the previous days and weeks. Most academic coaching requires a student to take the Highland’s Ability Battery, which involves a series of worksamples that help your academic coach more successfully lead you to your college major. Available Anywhere To get the most out of your money and time, choose an academic coach that makes his or her services available anywhere. An online academic coach will be able to work with you one-on-one via phone or email. This eliminates unnecessary travel time and expenses in the case that no academic coaches are available to you locally. With an academic coach, you will learn to take the lead, choose the right major for you, and form your own short term and long term goals. You will learn during the continuing coaching sessions to identify and develop the strengths and skills you need to reach these goals with the help of assessments and encouraging evaluations. Finally, and most importantly for some, is the added benefit of an academic coach being able to guide you through the learning process of balancing the demands of necessary study, social life, and work requirements to finish well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: