Chirac, former president of the French family passed away to get rid of rumors rumors – Sohu news

From the former French President Chirac died the family get rid of the rumors – sounding Sohu news [health] global network reporter Wang Lilan reported on the former French President Chirac, since the morning of September 21st began to have different rumors, former French Housing Minister Christina? Butan 21 on its twitter announced the death of Chirac. According to the French international radio news on September 21st, Chirac’s family has just confirmed that the hospital continued treatment of Chirac. Chirac hospital continue to routinely treat lung infection, the family hopes the outside world to respect the quiet treatment of the family environment and quiet Chirac. Chirac was elected president since 1995 and was reelected in 2002. Since the expiration of his term in office in 2007, Chirac’s health has repeatedly been a red light and has been hospitalized many times. The most recent hospitalization was in September 18th in a hospital in Paris for acute pneumonia. According to the Agence France-Presse quoted Chirac’s son-in-law Sara Baho revealed that the hospital to take measures to eliminate lung inflammation. Chirac and his wife in Morocco vacation due to inflammation of the lungs and one day in advance to return to Paris hospital. He was hospitalized for emergency treatment with the doctor’s advice. It is reported that Chirac after hospitalization, all walks of life in France expressed condolences to the former president and former president’s family. Condolences to almost no party positions, expressed concern about Chirac.相关的主题文章: