Chinese snooker championship battle venom into a new stage in network

Chinese snooker championship battle "venom" performed into Highlights – Beijing new network in Beijing in November 14, the fourth national fitness Festival cum China billiard billiard Championships in Beijing on 14 Shunyi battle, the first "world billiard venom" Florian? Kohler’s stunning performances, events become a major bright spot. The State Sports General Administration of sports management center ball deputy director Wang Yanmei said, since 2012 successfully held the first national fitness Festival cum China Chinese billiard billiards championship, as the group nature of the national billiard games, Chinese billiard Championships in greater scope to mobilize the enthusiasm of all provinces and cities, the success of the brand promotion events. The social influence is more and more widely, so as to make contribution to Chinese billiards development, promote the national fitness cause, "billiard has become an official event of the Asian snooker championship. I believe there will be more and more billiards enthusiasts to join the Chinese billiards in this big family, a total of our Chinese billiards dream." The opening ceremony, the first person, world billiard has a "poison" the laudatory name Florian? Kohler live performances, the Frenchman will pool skills and artistic beauty combined skillfully, played an unbelievable, incredible artistic performance. In addition, Kohler also interact with the audience, the atmosphere to a climax. It is understood that this is the first time in Shunyi Jin ping. Next, in the 7 days of competition, 31 teams will be the highest honor for the Chinese domestic billiards team competition fierce fighting, the team gathered Liu Shasha, Li Hewen, Liu Haitao, Yang Fan, Ma Zhiyu and other famous. (end)相关的主题文章: