Chinese football player to reproduce the violence outside the referee-tinyos

Chinese football player to reproduce the violence outside the referee referee escape… Phoenix sports news Beijing on September 10th news, September 6th Chengdu Amateur League game, an outbreak of violence be struck dumb nausea, a team of players dissatisfaction with the referee, chased the latter run hundreds of meters, even the referee was forced to hide in a shop, the gang the player wants to hit the referee in the shop, thanks to the arrival of the situation control organization. The referee was running from the video screen, was more than 10 in the evening, the Chengdu Amateur League Division eight league system star factory are the tenth round against BOLONI, extremely Scarlett sports, fifty-fourth minutes of the game, BOLONI players (white) dissatisfaction with the referee, players engage in court to court outside the channel and run hundreds of meters chased the referee. In the shop then the referee came to a shop to avoid, don’t want players also came to the store, but then the staff at the scene to control the down, the referee is "lucky" escaped. The current Chinese Amateur League, can be described as frequent violence. 2014, Harbin held a National Amateur Football League North finals, the two sides are on the Shenyang team and the Tianjin team, there was a massive brawl on the field. There are about 70 people involved in the conflict, both players, players and their families strike violently. In June this year in Shaanxi, a 5 amateur game, the Shaanxi daily team a player by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of goalkeeper from behind the malicious flying kick, resulting in the need for surgical treatment of vertebral fractures. (Zhou Kai)相关的主题文章: