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China accumulation speed skating reserve talents against the 2022 Winter Olympics – Beijing, China News Agency, Harbin, November 13 (reporter Wei Lai) "this part of the participating athletes to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing during the ‘golden age’, then, the teenager’s performance is worth looking forward to." Jiang Shicai, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration of winter sports management center, told reporters. 2016-2017 Speed Skating World Cup in Harbin Railway Station on the evening of 13 the end of the whole game. Chinese team sent Zhang Hong, Yu Jing, a total of 30 athletes participating, to obtain a silver and a bronze results. On the day of the men’s 500 meter race, Chinese teenager Gao Tingyu slipped out of 34 seconds 99 good results, with only 0.01 seconds of lost Russian contestant Pavel curnis Nikaofu, runner up?. The men’s 500 m project was Chinese team strength, Chinese star Yu Fengtong has repeatedly in the world big game Zhaijinduoyin, in 2009 he also gained the world championship, world cup and the total score of the first "golden ice knife" title in the bag. In the stadium, Jiang Shicai said that the performance of the Chinese young players in this game there are many highlights. Especially today, Gao Tingyu’s results are very exciting. This year, his progress is very rapid, has become the new core Chinese men’s team. "At present, China speed skating world power level and the gap is still very large." Jiang Shicai told reporters, in order to prepare for the 2022 Winter Olympics, in October this year, Chinese has just established a national speed skating youth team. In 2015, Chinese official promotion of a roller skating from "rotary ice" plan, has achieved results, the accumulation of a large number of talents. Jiang Shicai believes that with the speed skating is concerned, reserve personnel would have a very good performance in the 2022 Beijing winter olympics. (end)相关的主题文章: