China’s economy continues to consolidate the good trend of optimistic about China sound enhan-running man20130526

Chinese economy trends continue to consolidate   "good China" sound enhancement — China central enterprises News Network — the authority released the central enterprises, the SASAC, local state-owned enterprises to the latest news,, former deputy governor of the people’s Bank, Chinese Yi in Washington to attend the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the world bank said the fall of 2016 the annual meeting, China economic growth rate is still maintained at between 6.5% to 7%, the employment situation is good, and the economy is showing a multi positive change. Overall, China’s economy is more stable than before. In fact, from the analysis of the recent Chinese economic operation of the latest data and institutions at home and abroad scholars, China economy has stabilized trend is to continue to consolidate, from all walks of life to the China economy more to look forward to the next performance. The latest data are stable and have a good National Day period, the National Bureau of statistics released the China PMI latest (manufacturing PMI) and non manufacturing business activity index (non manufacturing PMI). Data show that in September China’s manufacturing PMI and non manufacturing PMI presented as a flat one liter". Among them, the manufacturing PMI was 50.4%, unchanged from last month, continue to be higher than the critical point; non manufacturing business activity index was 53.7%, last month rose slightly by 0.2 percentage points, 7 consecutive months to maintain more than 53% of the booming region. Overall, the performance of these two key data can be used to have a good stability to describe. National Bureau of Statistics Service Industry Research Center Senior Statistician Zhao Qinghe said that the current China’s manufacturing industry operates four main features: first, to maintain steady growth in production. Production index rose for two consecutive months. Driven by warmer production, raw material purchasing price index rose to nearly 5 month high. Two slight fluctuations in market demand, but still continue to expand the trend. New orders index for more than a month in the expansion area, the highest point in nearly 5 months. Three high-tech manufacturing and equipment manufacturing industry continues to maintain rapid growth. High technology manufacturing and equipment manufacturing PMI were higher than the manufacturing sector overall 2 and 1.5 percentage points. Among them, pharmaceutical manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, railways, shipbuilding, aerospace equipment manufacturing, computer communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry PMI are more than 52%. Meanwhile, this month, high-tech manufacturing and equipment manufacturing new orders index are more than 53%. Four import and export both rebounded, back to the expansion of the interval. The new export orders index rose above the critical point, the import index for this year’s high. Non manufacturing sector, postal express, retail, accommodation, telecommunications, Internet software, banking and other sectors of the business activity index is higher than 55% of the high boom range, the total business showed a rapid growth. However, transportation, catering, securities, social services and other sectors of the business activity index is located below the critical point, the total amount of business has declined. Challenges can not be ignored at the same time, while the difficulties and challenges can not be ignored. Zhao Qinghe said that the current difficulties in the production and operation of enterprises are still more, to the production capacity of the task is heavier, steady growth in manufacturing相关的主题文章: