China Merchants bank depositors 23 million yuan deposit in litigation – take wings to itself the Soh-seaway

China Merchants bank depositors 23 million yuan deposit in litigation – take wings to itself the Sohu news legal network reporter Xie Tai Zhu Haojie in China Merchants Bank deposits 23 million yuan, thought will get high interest returns, do not want to, two weeks after the discovery of money already take wings to itself. The police retrieved surveillance video found that clever criminals steal money was in the bank lobby cellae technique, justifiably money to go. At the beginning of this year, Zhu Haojie of China Merchants Bank Limited by Share Ltd Ningbo Jiangdong Branch Court, pointed out other serious violations in the process of business, including not on the bill to the plaintiff, I did not implement a customer identification system, does not require the plaintiff signed confirmation of the transfer documents, resulting in 23 million yuan of money is illegal to steal the serious consequences. What exactly is the Legal Daily reporter launched an investigation. 23 million yuan huge deposits in Zhejiang province take wings to itself in September 22nd, the city of Ningbo, the "Legal Daily" reporter saw Zhu Haojie. At this time he has been this lawsuit to get mentally and physically exhausted. "Bank management lax. In the last step before the 23 million yuan was transferred, the bank executives have already asked me to sign, but finally ignored." Things have to start in February 2012. Xu Jimin is a friend of Zhu Haojie, he heard a friend said that a bank in Ningbo pull deposit business, the interest is rich, they will tell the news of the Zhu Haojie. After Zhu Haojie heart, after the connection, he agreed to meet the site — Ningbo Jiangdong branch of China Merchants Bank Limited by Share Ltd with each other. February 21st early in the morning, Zhu Haojie came to the agreed to see the claiming to be the staff of China Merchants Bank, Zhang Lingyin, she and another bank staff will be taken to the VIP room. The entire process, with the previous banking business is no different. According to the agreement, the need to deposit 23 million Yuan Zhu to the bank, within the next two months can not turn out, you can get a sum of up to $1 million 80 thousand in interest returns. Zhu Haojie memories, his own identity card and bank card, in the lobby counter for the deposit business. Since then, Zhang Lingyin accompanied him to the VIP room, handed him an agreement, the content of the agreement is generally promised within two months can not be transferred out of the contents of the money. In the process of signing the agreement Zhu, Zhang Lingyin to obtain a bank card and identity card, said to pull the bill, so that the bank archive. Without any doubt, Zhu Haojie gave the card to each other. Do not want to, this is falling into the trap of each other. According to Zhu Haojie readme, Zhang Lingyin went out soon after coming back, tell him to enter a password. Similarly, I believe that the other side is the bank staff, there is no doubt that she followed the other side went to the counter, entered a personal password. After Zhang Lingyin took Zhu Haojie away. Little imagine, a few minutes later, the money in the Zhu Haojie account was transferred to another person’s account. From his savings to the money was stolen, the whole process time of not more than 1 hours. In fact, Zhang Lingyin is not a bank clerk. According to the police investigation records show that after the incident, Zhang Lingyin, a legal representative of an investment company in Ningbo.相关的主题文章: