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China and South Korea split four seats Tailing quickdefeat – Meng late Beijing go · LG cup newspaper news (reporter Zhu Peng) twenty-first LG Cup Korea daily qiwangsai 8 strong war broke out in Hangzhou yesterday. In two confrontation between China and South Korea, Chinese players Gu Li and Meng Tailing lost to South Korean players Pu Tinghuan and Shen scheme really missed the semi-finals. In this year’s 8 strong battle, Pu Tinghuan wins kija, let Chinese grade first people into kanghan unsuccessful embarrassment. The Gu Li China won 8 games against Pu Tinghuan, will have the extra meaning. Match coulee zhihei first. Two people on the opening of the wonderful changes in the first half of the board to form a conversion, each side. The middle stage, Pu Tinghuan suddenly force, cut left on a black dragon, white dragon coulee to whole, but Tinghuan Portsmouth in the lower right corner of the lower rule alone out hands, eat four black coulee work not completed. The final Pu Tinghuan set victory. Another Korean War, China player Meng Tailing lose is strange. LG cup 9 starts, Meng Tailing did not appear until 9:18 in the field. The original player is the wrong game time, go to the Qian Tang river for a walk. According to the rules, Meng Tailing was deducted from the double time 36 minutes. This episode influenced Meng Tailing’s mood, he at around 1 pm on defeat, middle quickdefeat Shen Zhenxu, missed the top 4. The other two games for the players Chinese civil war, Zhou Ruiyang, Dang Yi fly through the civil war. For the semi-final against VS: Zhou Rui Pu Tinghuan; Dang Yi Fei VS Shen Zhenxu.相关的主题文章: