Chengdu, a high-end residential property owners complained about property costs 4.6 yuan Ping also i

Chengdu, a high-end residential property owners complained about property costs 4.6 yuan Ping also injured people Sichuan online news (reporter Zhou Xianbin) "a few hundred pounds the door down, if not dodge in time, hit the other key parts of the head, the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate." Despite the past day and night, it occurred after Chengdu, the owner of a small Li Bing (a pseudonym) still scared. Owner: unit door pull collapse was injured according to Li Bing, he is the owner of 26 buildings in this district, November 1st at 12:30, he went to work, just access card brush to open the cell door, a door will fall down, rubbed his ear heavy hit on the right shoulder, still not lift to. "The door at least several hundred pounds, if the elderly or children, may be a big accident!" on November 2nd in the afternoon, reporters rushed to the scene after receiving the phone owners, the owners are discussing the property centre". According to the owners, Mr. Wang, Ms. Wang introduced the unit door before the accident in October 7th after the tilt, followed by maintenance, the appearance of temporary recovery. "I’ve always thought it would be impossible to do this simple, and the result was an accident yesterday. The whole door is down!". "4 dollars a month for a 6 square meters of Wuguan charges for this service!" "let them change the door is not reasonable, since the property developers and there is no answer!" "when I bought the estate is at the sale of promotional materials, known as the high-end, high-quality, the results did not think this is quality!" the key is, this small "door wounding" incident is not the first time, a few months ago, the small club from behind the door suddenly collapsed, injuring a female consultant, caused by comminuted fracture of pelvis, it is said that she is still lying in the hospital. Unit door is a residential area of public facilities, property maintenance. Property does not exist in time for the existence of hidden glass door reinforcement or replacement, causing me to be injured, the property should bear the responsibility." Chen Bing said that although the incident, the property staff will be sent to the hospital, but the cause of the accident and the answer is still relatively vague treatment program. Watch the scene: just a simple maintenance yesterday beat reporters came to the 26 building unit door to see the door and wounding temporarily "restoration". However, there are obvious mismatches between two doors, side seam gap can easily through the fingers, and the door just carried on the simple maintenance, screws are not finished. In the residential property owners under public anger, a staff surnamed ho center to the owners proposed a solution: first of all have settled the unit door keep the door open, to avoid frequent switching caused similar collapse. According to the owners, there are 10 buildings have been settled, nearly a thousand people. Obviously, this answer can not satisfy the owners. "Open the door, isn’t that anyone can freely access?" "the collapse of the security is not, it is not theft security risks also increased?" "only do superficial, the best is to quickly change the door!" the Property Center site also has new owners to formalities, directly said: "we are so dangerous, the new owners heard the good guilty Oh!" "I also have a few friends together to buy, appeared相关的主题文章: