Changde railway bridge a crack in the sleeper support nearly two months questioned cited Sohu

Changde railway bridge a crack in the sleeper support nearly two months questioned cited Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Zuo Yanyan) recently, some users reflect, Shichang Railway opened only a few months, a bridge is located in Dingcheng District of Hunan city of Changde Tang Qiao Cun appeared cracks. The railway departments found, from the bridge nearly two months with sleeper pad, the normal running of the train on the bridge. Yesterday afternoon, the Beijing News reporter learned from the Dingcheng district irrigation town government has been coordinating the village committee and the relevant railway departments for maintenance. Railway construction side of an engineer said, from the closed construction, the entire construction period of about a month, during the repair does not affect the normal operation of the train. Nearly 3 meters of the sleeper support "under the railway bridge is X043 county road is the only way which must be passed, villagers travel, the surrounding two villages, tens of thousands of residents travel difficult, school children, the school bus can not pass." Netizen "big games" questioned. Scene pictures show that the bridge inside the bridge about four or five meters long cracks, and about five cm high dislocation. The culvert under the bridge, about two meters long black tie staggered stacking 20 layers of nearly three meters high, in order to support. Because the sleeper is positioned in the middle of the culvert culvert, occupy the half space, vehicles can not pass. Tang Qiaocun villagers said, this situation lasted nearly 2 months. "Around July 10th, it was a rainy day, the railway maintenance workers in the shelter under the bridge, found cracks in the top of the bridge, and the night sleeper of the temporary support, but there has been no substantive start the repair." A local villager said. Public information, Changde Shimenn County railroad is to go to the provincial Changsha railway line located in Hunan Province, is a national railway, connecting Sichuan and northwestern Hunan, an important railway hub hub. Because of the increase in passenger traffic, railroad repair line, in January 20th this year, Shi Long Railway officially opened. Tomorrow will be closed construction on the afternoon of 29, the railway staff to repair construction, excavation staff in railway bridge sidewalk beside the hole, so that during the construction to provide temporary access to the villagers. A Yangxing Railway Construction Engineer in the field investigation. He introduced himself, is retired from the construction of the railway, the railway bridge problems, was rehired back to repair construction. About half a month ago received a message, said the bridge cracks, including the bridge between the three beams sink dislocation, to the scene for three or four days." For the reasons for cracks, Yang engineers believe that the design, construction and other aspects may lead to. In addition, he said that the use of discarded sleeper support is a temporary move, share stress, ensure the temporary running of the railway. "This track every day there are more than and 20 trains pass, there is danger, then certainly will not let the train pass. But there is not a crack that can be repaired immediately after repair, both to take into account the road to ensure safety, but also can not affect the train traffic, light to determine the program on the two or three." Yang engineer, chief engineer of the construction side, the design unit in Wuhan for nearly a week of communication, has developed a repair program from tomorrow (August 31st) will begin to close the construction,.相关的主题文章: