Chang’an Avenue underground corridor during the transformation of stairs, decoration and other stand-ssdao

Chang’an Avenue subway stairs, the transformation of the year decoration standards should be unified – Chang’an Avenue Beijing underground channel transformation of the year underground stairs, decoration standards should be unified yesterday is world car free day, Beijing City Vice Mayor Zhang Jiandong, Municipal Transportation Commission Director Zhou Zhengyu takes the lead to take public transportation to Sihui hub, public transportation research achievements the development of. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned that, in future, the city will emphasize the comprehensive transfer in various ways, which is combined with the construction of the new track, according to the planning and construction of public transport, walking and other synchronous transfer facilities. In addition, the Chang’an Avenue underground channel will promotions transformation this year, marking the staircase, decoration and structure transformation includes the underground passage, it should be unified standards. High speed Beijing Tibet years designated bus road yesterday is no car day, Zhou Zhengyu said, since entering the blocking key congestion day since September, the traffic congestion index than expected decline in about 1/4, Metro bus passenger traffic continues to grow, especially the growth is particularly evident. Visible, green travel gradually popular. Zhou Zhengyu revealed that the city will continue to work hard in the construction of public transport. In addition to continuing to promote the Metro Line 3, line 12, line 17, line 19 phase center city backbone line construction, the center of the city rail transit station 750 meters coverage rate reached 90%, will be built to S1 line, Beijing Shenyang passenger dedicated railway line, Pinggu, Mentougou, Huairou, Miyun Pinggu City, central city and a rapid transit link. In the bus lane, Zhou Zhengyu said, at present, the transportation sector is speeding up the Beijing Tibet Expressway to Huilongguan Sanhuan Road, northwest Sanhuan new bridge to Madian Bridge 50 km bus lane delimit the work, and strive to complete the year, delimit the Beijing Tibet highway bus lanes. Zhou Zhengyu said, is expected to "13th Five-Year" at the end, the city bus lanes with a total mileage of 1000 kilometers and continuously into the net. The 150 way to enable the new car stop pile at present, between the new and old subway line transfer, in and out, will inevitably feel the subway line 1 subway slightly old. Yesterday, Zhou Zhengyu revealed that this year, Chang’an Avenue, the door to the reconstruction of the road will be referred to the transformation of underground tunnels. Transformation of the contents of the underground corridor, including stairs, decoration, structural labeling, so that the standard should be unified. In addition, not only the metro bus and ancillary facilities, the city will also strengthen the regulation of trail. Zhou Zhengyu introduced the city to strengthen the trail parking management, a new round of resistance car pile standard drawings have been completed, including the three styles of different sizes, the new car will replace the old resistance pile resistance car pile, make the city more beautiful. This year is expected to start on the 150 roads will be opened in the future, the city unified. In addition, Zhongguancun Street will serve as a pilot, took the lead in carrying out the fine management trail. "Fine management means that the sermon brick is intact, and the intact rate is up to the standard," he said. "Don’t see a broken brick."." Zhou Zhengyu said that the Chang’an Avenue trail will be in accordance with the new standards of management. The subway station bus arrived at the station to delay, which can take bus, subway, and can directly take intercity railway, City Traffic Commission revealed that the day after, the city will improve the track site traffic Rui相关的主题文章: