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Carpenter came to Beijing church organist who first concert organist in October 25th, "heritage of music new music" as the theme of the nineteenth session of the Beijing International Music Festival will usher in this year’s Wangfujing concert, popular music scene in the world, the music world leading organ to play the Wizards Cameron Carpenter will be the first to Beijing in this field, "blue Cameron" organ solo will bring to the audience from Bach and Wagner to Piazzola, a series of stunning works, and this is also the music festival concert was founded 10 years since the first offer organ recital. Cameron Carpenter church founded ten anniversary of the first series of staged organ recital exactly ten years ago, the Beijing International Music Festival on the stage has a more beautiful scenery, it is held in the Wangfujing church concert. Since 2006, the Beijing International Music Festival every year in this unique venue for the concerts of different themes of wonderful performances, from the original Mozart "Requiem", Handel’s "Messiah" in recent years, Cao Xiumei, James, Chris led Galway’s colorful cross, then to Yundi Li, Zhu Xiaomei the piano solo music festival concert, can be said that the church has become an indispensable year October Beijing musical stage page. The ten anniversary concert held in the church this year on the occasion, the famous American virtuoso Cameron Carpenter will be on the stage, this is not only a magnificent organ first voice sounded in the concert in Wangfujing, is the first music festival history organ solo concert. A "organ king" reputation plays an important role in the history of western music, the structure of precision, volume of the majestic is no other can, it is in this wonderful instrument under the inspiration of the development of Bach, Mozart and other composers to music history, Brukner, Saint Saens Mahler is a composer, organist and music hall and a large orchestra of wonderful fusion. However, because of limited conditions, the organ performances in the domestic concert stage relatively unpopular, the organ of high quality performance, more goodly, so this "blue Cameron" in October 25th the Wangfujing church held organ recital will be your You Weizhen. God called Carpenter to Beijing 80 virtuoso organ circle Lang looking at the international classical music, star performers always focus on the stage, whether it is a pianist, violinist, singer, can have a leading position of the most extraordinary skills, unique style, and is closely connected with the pulse of the times of the artistic temperament that is, the 35 year old pipe organ genius performer Cameron Carpenter has. He is the history of the first concert organist, in the field of organ has a pianist Lang Lang superstar status. The invitation to the world famous organist guru Cameron Carpenter to Beijing stage, full interpretation of the Beijing International Music Festival this year, "the voice of new music heritage" theme. It is the retention of the Mohawk, a "punk fan" virtuoso, let the wind pipe.相关的主题文章: